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Kid's Realization by DarkMysticRose Kid's Realization :icondarkmysticrose:DarkMysticRose 3,334 492 Pokemon Advanceshipping Comic by XeroFox Pokemon Advanceshipping Comic :iconxerofox:XeroFox 198 59 Inuyasha icon by Sprucie Inuyasha icon :iconsprucie:Sprucie 134 51 THE RETURN OF DRESS UP ARI by B0RN-T0-DIE THE RETURN OF DRESS UP ARI :iconb0rn-t0-die:B0RN-T0-DIE 3,434 986 Caramel Chu by ruakuu Caramel Chu :iconruakuu:ruakuu 363 104
Gorillaz Xmas Story
Gorillaz Xmas
By Darien Guy
Murdoc grumbled and turned over onto his side in his bed. He gazed at the blinking
numbers on his alarm clock. Nine-thirty AM. It was too damn early. He squeezed his eyes shut
and massaged his temples trying to ward off the painful hangover he'd woken to. "Fuck." He
rummaged through the clothing and garbage on his floor looking for his cigarettes. All he found
was an empty pack of 666s. "Don't that just beat all?" he muttered irritably. Maybe the dullard'll
have some, he thought, pulling on a pair of faded jeans and ambling out to the car park to 2D's
room. He banged loudly on the door and yelled "Hey faceache open up!" All he got in response
was an unintelligible mumble. He felt his anger rise. He kicked the door open and stormed into
the room. "Oi, are you deaf!?" he spat at a startled looking 2D sitting up in his bed and trying to
blink the sleep from his eyes.
"What is it Muds?" he asked locating the cause of the noise and finding the Satanist
:icon12dee3:12Dee3 25 33
STFU NOOB by NerdSoup STFU NOOB :iconnerdsoup:NerdSoup 101 22 Sonic Charrie Maker by chriserony Sonic Charrie Maker :iconchriserony:chriserony 18,775 9,520 Dress-up game test by raikoufighter Dress-up game test :iconraikoufighter:raikoufighter 585 151 Flamy Dress Up Game by Flamy-Star Flamy Dress Up Game :iconflamy-star:Flamy-Star 189 73 Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 by geN8hedgehog Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 28,922 15,784 Gen's Furrie Dollmaker v1.0 by geN8hedgehog Gen's Furrie Dollmaker v1.0 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 8,231 3,017 Anime Face Maker v1.0 by geN8hedgehog Anime Face Maker v1.0 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 31,397 7,078


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