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Spinofaarus vegatiacus
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Published: April 6, 2013
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The most-up-to-date reconstruction of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus!
Obviously this animal was a seagoing piscovorous or at least to some degree sea-going. But actually there is nothing (besides a toe) to provide the assumption if had feet at all. Same for the arms!
I heard a pretty decent theory last time that it was actually a highly specialized diver. Spinosaurus went a way 100 mya modern Penguins are too cowardly to. It lost its hindlimbs entirely, developed flipper-like forelimbs and even a fluke.
It even had a trunk which was used to grab fishes and breath while diving! Having only forelimbs which are used to move on land counts as quadrupedal I hope!
It probably had some sort of fuzzy integument but one cannot be sure about such extreme changes, so I let it out.
Well, sadly for Spinosaurus this changes its status from biggest land-predator to average-sized marine-predator...

For those who wonder, this is losely based on the two weirdest ideas on Spinosaurus' Appearance and Lifestyle i've seen so far.

If you'd like to see a Spinosaurus in a more scientific lightning instead you should try these: [link] and [link]

I want to cement one thing: I'm actually not making fun of Faa (or how he is called actually) or Vega, both are in their respects quite decent people. Spinofaarus shall just show how far we can get from Science if we let our minds float in totally evidenceless speculations and inadequate comparisons. That's the drawback of the All-Yesterdays-Movement actually.
As much as I liked All Yesterdays and many of its Fanarts, it really bothered me how people who are not into the subject use speculation to justify totally meshed up Depictions.
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I really do enjoy these science pictures of "what if" moments; thank you for this.
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MonsterZero-01|Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is perfecttion
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What does the name "Spinofaarus" come from? 
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MA5TEROFTHEUNIV3RSE|Hobbyist General Artist
Truly a magnificent creature. Spinosaurus looks weird and unnatural, but this is something I can actually believe existed. 
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NRD23456|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I cannot see inaccuracies, ;)
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damn boi he thicc
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For the longest time I thought that white dot on the cheek was the eye.
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Ah the legendary meme itself. It´s an honor.
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farhan43|Hobbyist General Artist
I call this guy "Dugongosaurus", since it looks like a dugong
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At least give him some foot fingers
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I would calk this group of dinosaurs Spineocetes
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minmi96's avatar…

Lol this guy made a Model out of this.
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Harry-the-Fox|Professional Digital Artist
This warms my heart!
Clearly, the pubis has evolved to provide a special "seat" for sitting on small oceanic islands, without accidentally sliding onto the entire rock (in case it needed to dive back into the water quickly so it could kill again!)
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RickWhitetiger|Hobbyist General Artist

(i'm talking about this thing:…
                                  … )

(You can even imagine his face while i try forcing him to hug his "creepy cousin" lol.)

(Also, sorry for coming late to the party, and also sorry if this is sort of spam-ish.)
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You realize that spinosaurus would break it's pubis like this, right? Also the legs have already been found.
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yoult|Professional General Artist
That's not Spinosaurus.
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DovahsaurPaleoKnight's avatar
Ficticional animal?
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TheDubstepAddict|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey they found the legs ^^
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HUBLERDONEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
This is actually really cool. :)
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DilophosaurusRex|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can i borrow this 'reconstruction'? i have a bad/very good idea.
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gosh I never thought that the spinosaurus would evolve into a sealasaurus I thought that he would lose his sail and turn into either a bipedal crocodile or even dragon that's part penguin and part anteater
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It seems like you considered as a Paleo-Nostrodamus in a few years ! :(  Congratulations ! :)

Do you make another version of These Or Similiar Reconstructions at OTHER Dinosaurs ? Do you ?! :O
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