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Rahonavis ostromi

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Published: May 2, 2012
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Sick of Raptorz ripping of the skin, flesh and gore of ... every animal which isn't fast enough to run away (and everyone who watched Jurassic Park and Terra Nova knows, that nothing can run as fast as a Raptor)?

If not, I just don't care because I am.
Why not more often show the intraspecific aspects of prehistoric animals rather than letting the different species massacre eachother?

Here you see two Rahonavis which don't come along that good. Why they fight it's up to your imaginary (no, they don't fight for a carcass of a Sauropod). You often see quite aggressive intraspecific behaviour in modern bird-species, even in the small, cuddly and lovely songbirds you know from your backyard.
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vasixHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, sometimes the fights are a bit terrifying. Today I saw a greater coucal pounce out of nowhere on a yellow-billed babbler, shake it about and carry it off to eat it. Just another day for an omnivore,  I guess
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suddenlydaylightStudent Writer
If I had one thing to note, is that Rahonavis had longer arm elements. It's for nothing everyone wonders whereas it was a flyer, after all.
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youltProfessional General Artist
People always seem to forget that most birds do hide their Humerus into their plumage. That's why the arm looks shorther than in the fossil.
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novablueHobbyist General Artist
I own zerba finches and they can be quite territorial so I can attest that even cute little birds mean business!
Lovely artwork :)
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pilsatorHobbyist Traditional Artist
hypergierisch, um's mit tom gerhardt und hilmi sözer zu sagen.</fremdscham>

im ernst, extrem gut. wie du die femora innen torso "einbaust" gefällt mir. versuch das schon lange, aber du kriegst es definitiv besser hin.
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EWilloughbyProfessional General Artist
Also, for what it's worth, I'm quite sure that a dromaeosaur as small and "birdlike" as Rahonavis should plausibly be depicted without a naked-skin, free-floating third digit on the underside of the wing. IIRC analysis of Archaeopteryx indicates that it would definitely have had its third digit obscured by feathers, so there's no reason to assume that Rahonavis didn't exhibit the same type of hand-feather configuration. Other small dromaeosaurs, like Microraptor and Sinornithosaurus, probably had hands that looked similarly. That's how Greg Paul draws them, it's how Jaime Headden draws them, it's partly how John Conway and Jason Brougham draw them, and it's how Reichel drew them as early as the 1940s. So I think you're quite safe in depicting Rahonavis this way - and to me at least, it looks more realistic.
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EWilloughby wrote:

"...IIRC analysis of Archaeopteryx indicates that it would definitely have had its third digit obscured by feathers..."

That sounds interesting, could you tell me which paper was it from? I'm sure would like to read it.
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EWilloughbyProfessional General Artist
I honestly don't know off the top of my head. :( I remember it being discussed in a thread on Archaeopteryx at the previous version of Gondolend, but the thread is inaccessible due to the forum being broken. I can try looking into it though.
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Thanks,that would be great. I hope it's not too much trouble.
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youltProfessional General Artist
Thank you for bringing my thoughts into words. :)
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EWilloughbyProfessional General Artist
No problem. ;)
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TomozaurusStudent General Artist
Excellent, man! Looks like you've got the wings downpat, they look perfect now.
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MsMergusHobbyist General Artist
Lovely, dynamic sketch of these animals. :)

If I may give a little CC, the way you drew the arms/wings make it look like the underside of the wing is actually the top side. The third finger is indistinct, and appears buried in layers of feathers where it should be visible if the viewer is looking at the underside of the appendage.
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youltProfessional General Artist
Thank you.
Well, I'm always open and happy about constructive critique. In this case I had my reason to depict the fingers this way.
I would have explained it myself but Ferahgo did it already in a quite better manner as I could. Please look her comment for explanation: [link]
Also I personally think that it's quite plausible to think about Digitt II and III that they were already fused together (of course only in the soft-tissue level): Animals like Balaur show us perfectly that Digit III was already in a degeneration-phase in Deinonychosauria.
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MsMergusHobbyist General Artist
The Greg Paul [link] and Jaime Headden [link] examples given above are more or less what I had in mind. I'd just never seen dromaeosaur fingers fused and covered quite to that extent before.
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youltProfessional General Artist
About the GSP-example. I don't take everything he's doing that serious. And may you notice that he drew Alula on his Sinornithosaurus was also not confirmed that time back, but it might be right in nowaday standards (Alula on Microraptor).
In the second example you might've confused the names, because it's from Jason Brougham not from Jaime Headden.
Here are some xamples of barely visible to invisible Digitus minor: [link] [link] [link]
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MattMartHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure that would be the case at all. All known winged dinos have feathers covering all the fingers, and feathers tend to seamlessly blend distinct appendages together. I don't think anything but the claw would be visible unless it was sticking the third finger straight out (assuming it could do that).
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Small, cuddly and lovely, hah. I remember seeing a ?territorial dispute get violent between two male black redstarts once. They chased/kicked/shouted at each other for minutes. It was better than most movie fight scenes :giggle:
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DeinonychusEmpireHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic reconstruction!
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ForgottenDemigodHobbyist Traditional Artist

Reminds me of similar behaviours of Jackdawsauruses that I sometimes see in RL.
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
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EWilloughbyProfessional General Artist
Really great sense of motion here. Again, reminds me of a pair of pheasants! I believe the males fight in a similar fashion.
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