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Bitcoin Art - Starcraft style



Bitcoin graffiti on canvas, 80x30cm acrylique, posca, molotow.
(photo was hard to take because of the matt varnish on it, looks better in real i'll try to update it later)

Never like money wich is often degrading people, but as we all know we need a bit(coin?) to live and continue painting !
A very good friend told me some months ago about bitcoin, and this interresting new kind of decentralized and digital value.

Thinking to bitcoin miners reminds me the Starcraft mining, and even if Starcraft crystals represents a physical way of mining it's a good game and correspond a bit(coin?) for me to this digital value, and before all thinkings, i just found it fun to ally them.

If you like it and want to participate you can use this bitcoin adress, or QRcode below, to support me: 18Hm3BYxSpJEutdyJsGG3X7K1TrBJRU3if
QR wallet by YoulDesign 

You can also contact me for commissions !

Soon on sale on (supporting bitcoin paiements) or now by contacting me !

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