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Download- Nendoroid Len



Me: So I finally found out how to combine two PMD models. ( Thank you fullmikku and vpvp wiki~!)
Rin: Humph! It's always LEN! what about me?
Me: aww, it's okay Rin. You're the most awesomest one
Rin: ....*climbes into downloaded file with Len* There! now they have to notice me~! ^-^
Me+Len: -_-;

**edit: If you want to know how he looks like, go to [link]

**edit2: Please dont claim this as your own. You're free to use and share, but please give me credit!


Kagamine Rin and Len © Crypton Future Media
Nendoroid Kagamine Len © Youkou-chan
Model base gotten from [link]
© 2009 - 2023 youkou-chan
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