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PaintToolSai - Brushes and Textures

Hi guys, you can download a little pack with all brushes and textures that I had when I first installed Paint Tool SAI in my computer. I hope this can help you :)

----- Install --------------------------

1 - Save up your installation before any change
2 - Close Paint Tool SAI.
3 - Open your installation folder of Paint Tool SAI.
4 - Open the pack folder you just downloaded.
5 - Copy the elements of the pack folder into the corresponding folder of your installation folder.
> Like you can see, you have the same folder in the pack as in your installation folder. 
> For the ".conf" and "start-sai.exe", move them in the root folder of your Paint Tool SAI.
6 - Restart Paint Tool SAI with "start-sai.exe" (very important) and enjoy!!

I will not answer at any questions regarding this pack anymore. The FAQ are here to help you. I can't do more than that to guide you. And please, remember to save your files before starting any change. I will not be responsible for errors after installation.

----- F.A.Q. ---------------------------

- Nothing happens when I click that pic!
All you do is click the download button at the top right of this page and you extract the files. For more explanation, read the description.

- Why this pack adds nothing new to me?
This pack contains the brushes and textures by default, so if you have a basic english starting Paint Tool SAI, this package will not help you.

- I'm missing (simple circle). Where can i download that?
You can't donwload (simple circle) because it'is the default brush in SAI, so you can't missing it in your Paint Tool SAI.
But sometime (simple circle) is called [none] in other versions of SAI. 

- I had a problem with the brushes! Where I supposed to put them all cause, where I put them aren´t appearing at all? No new texture or brushes showed up?
In the folder, in your hard drive, where all the Paint Tool SAI files are kept, there are folders called “elemap”, “blotmap”, etc. The same folder names are in the pack. Just drag the files, one to one, if it need, from the corresponding folder of the pack to the one in your hard drive folder. On windows, it may be possible that you need to be the administrator of your computer.

- I don't see my Installation Folder. Help, please? Where am I supposed to be able to find it?
Your installation folder must be where you have unzipped the Paint Tool SAI Installation in your hard drive. I can just advice you to do a search on your hard drive to find it.

- I have SAI for mac but I don’t have any type of folder, just the “.APP”. Is there a way to fix that or...?
On mac, when you are in the application folder, you have to click on the icon of your application, then on "Display Package Contents". It allows you to view the contents of your application. After I do not know if you will have the same folders than windows version but I still hope for you :)

- On Mac, I try to drag files into the already existing folders. However, when I try that, it won’t copy over. Why?
For Mac, I do not know much, because although I have a Mac, I have not installed Paint Tool SAI on it. If it is just a file with several folders (like on windows), may I ask you to check that the permissions of your file and subfolders are in "read and write" mode for all users.

- Your file gave my laptop a virus and made it shut down? Could you check it please?
On two different laptops, I checked, analysed and unzip the file, and yet, no virus was detected. So check that you have antivirus software on you laptop! It may be something unrelated to my file.

Edit - nov. 2015: With the new rules of deviantART, I removed the start-sai.exe from the list of files in the packs. Sorry!

- Where else can i find start-sai.exe
To replace the "start-sai.exe", you have some several possibilities to do after installing the pack:
1. start-sai.exe file can be found in your sai program folder. If you usually open sai with an icon on your desktop or taskbar, rightclick and select "open file location". This should take you to that folder. Search "start-sai" and it should turn up.
2. just right click on the "start" button and choose "Run as Administrator" your "start-sai".
3. restart my computer and relaunch SAI.
4. an alternative solution would be to use a start-sai found on the web (…).
After that, I really do not have other solutions. Sorry, but I just try to respect the rules of DeviantART.
© 2011 - 2021 Youkomix
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I love these! I tried them and they work great!

does this work on sai 2?

Youkomix's avatar

I'm not sure since when I made this package, it was like 7 years ago for PaintToolSai 1.

midoryllasama's avatar

pero donde esta el enlace de descarga?

DarkSunyt's avatar

Es en el icono de descarga que sale al lado del diamante

AdvanceRun's avatar
how to give sai 2 official a custom exe ico link  Sai 2 cUSTOM ICON image New
xValeox's avatar
i just loaf this brushes! Thank you!
IgneousRockCake's avatar
for those who didn't have a 'start-sai.exe' file either: try downloading another pack and extracting It from there! (the one that worked for me was SAI Brushes)
Chesva's avatar

Thank you!!!!

MuhaWhateva's avatar
Thank You so much for the Pack of the Brushes ♥️ you are awesome Youkomi ♥️
Neytix's avatar
I've downloaded and installed it perfectly, so it always work with all the brushes (2018) ! Thank you so much by the way ! ^^
Badjuju86's avatar
The download files didnt have the start sai. 
and using the other sai button ( to start the program ) does not work either.
Little lost here.
sithkittye's avatar
these are for normal sai. you should already have the program to use this. 
she isn't giving the program. 
Dan-CardStocks-Art's avatar
I fucking love this art program thx for the tip
FelicityOddworldFan's avatar
THX ALOT!!! IT WORKED!!I did only replace it all :P
WeabooTrash27's avatar
Bookworm86's avatar
Thank you thank you! I've been looking for these actual brushes for ages! 
Takimara's avatar
ummm....mine doesn't have crayon or fur or any things only has:
pencil, brush, air brush, water color, marker, pencil, eraser, selpen, selerase...
how do i get the others like on this?  SAI brushes by Isihock  or  PaintToolSai - Default Settings Brushes by Youkomi
Lemi-Pie's avatar
you can rename brushes, they could just be renamed, although mine came with crayon
Takimara's avatar
well thats annoying...but thank you!
Lemi-Pie's avatar
Not really, it comes in handy when you need a certain one
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