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Sterek - coffeeshop AU

yes.  I like to think of Derek as a gentle, sweater-wearing dork who hates shaving.
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Is... Is that... *squints* is thAT SAM CAS AND DEAN SITTING IN THE BACKGROUND!?
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Supernatural reference? *0*
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Nice touch with Team Free Will in the background :p
fluffy56's avatar
is that sam cas and dean sitting in the back??
also, derek is definitely a gentle sweater-wearing dork and he's the best looking one at that
Sterek for ever
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yes yes yes team free will and sterek?? yesWut? 
SupremeEpicness's avatar
fire-night-walker06's avatar
is that Sam and Dean? it is isn't it, Dean where's your pie?
Meloni-chan's avatar
Team free will in the background !! Thats too cool :D even Cas sits next to Dean :3

I really like the clean lines you draw and how you add the light and shades
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Dean and Sam Winchester in the image?

AxelsPurpleRose's avatar
I love that Sam, Dean, and Cas are in the background! XD
ZuoFromHell's avatar
Wait is that eye contact between Derek & Scott?
and Winchesters :3 I mean Castiel too - awesome
emoyaoi19's avatar
Wait a that Dean and Sam back there? xD Anyways, love this!!
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I spy with my little eye... (Can you guess?)  Wink/Razz 
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one of my favorite trio. i am not surprise to see them around the tw cast anymore. i wish they could do a crossover once people once just once
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... is that he Winchesters at the table behind them?  
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