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AU One Piece Group

Well, no surprise that's it's another piece inspired by "Memories".

I started out trying to draw Human!Chopper and he only just barely made it into the frame...

My favorite part is, without a doubt, Usopp Luffy and Ace.

The background...can you tell I got lazy? I just wanted to be done with it.
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bakayaro-onna's avatar
Yay! Another "Memories" piece! Loving the screentone work!
usopp07's avatar
there Chopper does not have
BounTentouTaichou's avatar
I spy Law and Kid in the distance!
mallocchi's avatar
I do wonder what Brook'd look like in an AU.. XD
Goudeauva22's avatar
I see kid and Law in the background !
EdowadoElric's avatar
Awesome picture! And, yeah, recognized Kidd from the hairstyle there in the background, and the hat for Law.
missdeathkat's avatar
Wow very nicely done. Haha and your Chopper is so cute. *fan girl nosebleeds* And you added in Law too! ...oh yeah Kidd is there too but Law!~ <333

Haha Memories is a great story, one of my all time favs. I'm happy to see it praised so like this. Stark-swan really has earned those 1,000 plus reviews ^.^
HiImBillyBob's avatar
I love how close sanji and zoro are XD
TDIluver94's avatar
Fantastic Piece! I Noticed Law and Kidd in the background! I love them!
Great Job!
Youko-Shirokiba's avatar
Thanks! (I was wondering whether anyone would notice them or not) :D
HardCandy23's avatar
LOL Franky has normal arms :D
Youko-Shirokiba's avatar
Yeah, crazy cyborg-arms aren't really acceptable in the AU setting.
Avaliax's avatar
OOOO Great Job! :D
XfangheartX's avatar
I like Luffy and Ace in this picture, too!
Slicar's avatar
I love that story!!
Really nice job! i like their expressions :love:
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