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Zutara - Fire Lilies

"These would look great in my guest room. Can I have a couple?"

"If you want's yours..."


An alternate name I was going to call this was "The Firelord's Garden"

Zuko and Katara from "Avatar" duh...

Yes, I am a Zutarian. I just never fangirled too hard about them before, which is strange given my history of fangirling.

This is one of those pieces that looked better in my head than it does on paper. It ended up being a bit of an experimentation pic. I call it texture-palooza. I think it looks better as a thumbnail TT.TT

The firelilies here are simplified. Real firelilies have what I call "freckles" on their petals. But I was too lazy 8D
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I love Katara's face and expression.
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This is beautiful! Love the colour composition!
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I'm not a zutara fan, but I really love this picture! These days I just fav. too much zutara pictures. I don't know why...
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This got to be the best Zutara pic I have ever seen! :wow: Just wow! :heart:
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I adore this! :D
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I'm not a fan of Katara and Zuko, but this is beautiful....
Phoenix-of-Athena's avatar
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 
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If you want it, it's yours?
I love you so much!
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But is awesome! Oh, God *-*
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ASDFGHJKL Zuko kinda looks like Sesshomaru in Raindrops ASDFGHJKL :squee: :la: :squee: :la: :squee:
I have to say that this is one of my all time favorite Zutara pics.
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Thats amazing!!!! I love it
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OMG! Love it! ^.^
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This is amazing. The details and the coloring. Perfect
r-o-o-b-o-o's avatar
So pretty, you have a really elegant style.
Its still so gorgeous. The details on the print of their kimonos and the background and zuko and katara here..
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I really REALLY love this piece. I've set it as my computer background and it looks GORGEOUS, especially in full size. Really beautiful :D
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woaahh.... so beautiful... .:love:
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