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Zi Yan Turnaround

By YoukaiYume
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A continuation of the "Sorceress Design" series. This hw assignment was to do a Character turnaround sheet for one of my Chinese sorceress variations:


I simplified her a bit... I had to show the feet under her clothes, so if you look closely, you can see them. I still don't quite have a name for her. ^^; Anyone want to help me name her?

P.S. Preferably it should be a Chinese name, and with good meaning too. If you're wondering what she's like, she's a bit flirty, flashy, and has a big superiority complex. She's also quite mischievous and playful.

EDIT! Thanks for all of your help, I never expected so many good suggestions! While it was hard to pick one out of all the wonderful choices, I decided on a name: Zhuo Zi Yan 卓紫艷--- or just Zi Yan by itself.

suggested by *niLULU And according to her it means:

Zi 紫: Purple (a royal, flirtatious color)
Yan 艷: Anything to do with colorful, flashy
Zhuo卓 excellent & distinguished.
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I love the dress design it's really pretty.
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Her outfit is just beautiful!
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Heya, awesome model!

Would you be willing to submit it to :iconmodelsheetcentral: for people to do in 3D?
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She's gorgeous. I love her design
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zi yan....that's REALLY close to my own chinese name....
茈烟...aka zi yan....weird
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she looks like a pretty, female orochimaru... XD
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Wow i like her outfit! O.O
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what kind of course are you taking? Im taking animation, so I have to do that, but very simple so its animate-able. :p Id rather do more detailed sheets though for the sake of taking advantage of char. design class
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uh... ur not chinese, r u, lol...
but it's a very nice picture, though i don't understand why her face is so white? i mean dat sort of style is more japanese than chinese... (sry, i really like this, but i juz had to point it out, lol)

as for Zhuo, did u want it to be her last name? 'cause if it's her last name, then it wouldn't REALLY take da meaning you wanted... it'd juz b... a last name? lol XD but i suppose it doesnt matter much... XD

ur pic is really pretty newayz, ^_^
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I find it wicked how you really managed to get everything the same lenght, width and all that stuff for all the poses OO

Also! I gotta say THANK YOU! Cause I just realised that it is what I've been looking for!
A picture in which I can study the human anatomy and how faces look in different angles.

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I hate to be overly critical but this character looks much more Japanese than Chinese. But none the less, this is a very good character sheet and you have a brilliant design for the dress!
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oo shes kool looking great job
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Oh man i had come up with all these great names i even looked up the meanings too. but its a good thing i decided to finish reading the thingy, lol she looks awsome and that sounds like a good name too:shakefist:(grr)
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would it be allright if i use this for modeling practice?
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DUDE!!!!!!! YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!
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nice turn around, how about Chantress (kidding) ^_^
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i like it alot....i am still working on my turn arounds >_<''
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Very very cool! are you in animation school?
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