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Toy Story Livestream Sketches8

Livestream Sketch Dump from the 8th Toy Story Themed Chat and Doodle Session and a couple from a Recent Regular Livestream. All of the sketches were requested by the viewers who participated in the session.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1) Woody and Bo Peep reunion
2) Old Spice!Buzz
3) Fanbabies! Molly Pride and Bonnie Lightyear
(again if theoretically the characters were humans and could have kids)
--You know, a lot of fanart of the fanbabies tend to think that Bonnie is into tea times like regular girls. I always thought of her as a more adventurous trouble-making type who likes to vanquish her Dad. She does not attend tea parties, she CRASHES them 8D
4) Gender Bender!Woody and Bo Peep
5) Batman!Buzz and Catwoman!Jessie
6) Toy Story Pirates
7) Toothless the Dragon... with unexpected hitchhikers.

These streams are always so much fun. Some of these might be set aside for coloring later.

MOAR Toy Story Livestream tomfoolery: [link]
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yay toothy boi LOL

TDArulesclub4's avatar
Oh gosh-
I need a pirate AU nao
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nanananananana BUZZ MAN!
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I love the pirates thing! xx
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Mmmm... I like your 'Buzz and Jessie's daughters' OCs. :D
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The pirates picture is gorgeous! Love it!
MiaErrianIrielynn's avatar
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Dat Toothless. Omigod The laughs. I can't stop... can hardly type.
Memory627's avatar
All of these are perfect, especially the Batman one. XD
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OMG if only toys could reproduce because those tiny two were the cutest!
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Oh my gosh, Toy Story Pirates!!! :la: :la: THAT"S SO FREAKING COOL!!! 
SpaceCinnaBuns's avatar
OMG Old Spice Buzz XDDD
Nocolover4ever's avatar
I like the old spice buzz one. That's funny
The-Purple-Gremlin's avatar
Someone.....please......make an AU for those pirates!!!!
QueenoftheMoonClan's avatar
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Hahahahaha,it so cute and funny!!!
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
That second to last pic was just EPIC.
Solar-Deity's avatar
Just wanna say prepare for fav spamming. Sorry for that. But your stuff is so good! I love your work!
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Sexy pirate woody is sexy. XD
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