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Toy Story Livestream Sketches3

Livestream Sketch Dump from the third Toy Story Themed Session. All of the doodles were requested by the viewers who participated in the session.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1) Romantic Spanish!Buzz with a bewildered Jessie
2) Sailor Barbie and Tuxedo Ken!
3) Mob Boss! Lotso
4) Buzz and Woody with switched outfits
5) Jessie and Bo Peep with switched outfits
6) Buzz and Outlaw!Jessie (finished piece here: [link])
7) Jessie with her hair down with Buzz

These streams are always so much fun.

MOAR Toy Story Livestream tomfoolery: [link]
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Djjacob1954's avatar
I love Bo as Jessie.
Carlthehat's avatar
Btw I love the sailor barbie 😂
mcolebro's avatar
Good job on #7! 🖒
RohanArtLife's avatar
Jessie looks gorgeous with her hair down.
KatyScene's avatar
bubblvicous's avatar
More awesomeness. :D
Rowena-Bensel's avatar
Jessie having Buzz braid her hair reminds me of when my uncle tried to braid mine recently. It was an epic fail, and ended up being even more tangled than before I brushed it. Also, Love Sailor Barbie and Tuxedo Ken.
Tamia317's avatar
I love them! :D :D I especially love the Lotso Gangsta ne! That was really funny
when i realized what #5 was, my jaw hit the floor
Enzeru-Youkai's avatar
ADORE ALL of them!!! <3
I'd love to see a color version of Sailor Barbie and Tuxedo Ken lol! <33
KittenCeez's avatar
ZOMG Sailor Barbie and Tuxedo Ken...I <3 you!!!!!
Mikisakiiro's avatar
Faved just for Sailor Barbie and Tuxedo-Kun Ken. XD
RosalieMinnie's avatar
lmao, you should totally do a full pic of sailor barbie and tuxedo ken, much love
spidyphan2's avatar
thats so cute !!!!!!!!:squee:
SugarRoseDoll's avatar
I'm sorry but the Sailor Barbie idea just cracks me up. I love it, it was such a perfect idea! Although, I would think Seiya's Sailor Fighter Costume may be a bit more appropriate for Ken :XD:
sammie39's avatar
SnowFallsSlow's avatar
Love the Woody-Buzz swap, especially Woody's comment.

Also, moar Buzz and Outlaw!Jessie. :D
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