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Toy Story Livestream Sketches2

Livestream Sketch Dump from the Toy Story Themed Session I had on June 20 2010! I call it: "Torture Buzz Lightyear Night". It was beautiful.

All of the doodles were requested by the viewers who participated in the session.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1) JealousSpanish!Buzz saying "El Vaquero!" (THE COWBOY!) After he assumes that Woody is competition for Jessie.
2) Juliet!LGM
3) Bo Peep
4) Woody on Bullseye and Buzz on Buttercup
5) Temptress!Jessie and Deluded!Buzz (with nosebleed) 8D
6) Rex and Trixie
7) Fan Babies!!! Mrs. Nesbit babysitting Woody and Bo Peep's kids--named "Andy" and "Molly" by the fans after of course, Andy and Molly their former owners. (if they were theoretically human and could have them).
8) Fan Babies 2: Jessie and Buzz's little girl. Named "Emily" by the fans after Jessie's first owner.

I found it endlessly amusing that the viewers were hotly debating what the fictional kids' names in the chatroom while I was doodling them. But I find it fitting that they'd arrive to the conclusion that they the kids would be named after their past owners.

You guys take this way too seriously. I love it.

MOAR Toy Story Livestream tomfoolery: [link]
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4,190th favorite!
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"W E ? ?"
ARTZUME's avatar
I didn't think that toys can reproduce. I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head adopted their kids.
popfizzfan7's avatar
You got yourself a watcher! I love your art! :D
Mifmemo's avatar
Will you ever be coloring any of the pictures of fanbabies Andy and Molly?
caz-cina's avatar
You should do a whole sketch live stream of nothing but Buzz Lightyear "El Vaquero!" moments. Like just have him stalk Woody and be a jealous creeper at every opportunity :D
TheDreweMaster's avatar
Doesn't feel good to be the one outshined, does it, Buzz? :lol:
eddfan1998's avatar
What are Andy and Molly trying to nag "Mrs. Nesbitt" to do?
KatyScene's avatar
I'm guessing this isn't like the lego movies of when you BUILD your kids.
DrawButterfly-Lax's avatar
Hehe this is cute :3
Nice drawing anyway :)
bubblvicous's avatar
Number 5 and 8: LOVE IT!!!
BrigitTheShining's avatar
Oh, your style is so sweet and emphatic. Love it!
rosiethehuman65's avatar
my face hurts hahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahah miss nesbit XD
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar

Oh my god this is so funny and so great XD I love Spanish!Buzz

Also I love the dirty look Bo Peep is giving Woody and Jessie as they're snickering at Bu-- I mean Mrs. Nesbit

starjump237's avatar
Fallen-from-stars's avatar
Oh, no, Mrs. Nesbit! :D That sent me in a fit of giggles :) And little Emily is the most adorable thing ever!
Enzeru-Youkai's avatar
LOVE this~! <3
SonicAndKnucklesFTW's avatar
LOL I Love Rex And Trixie! "World Of War Craft?" XD LOL
TheWhiteJewel's avatar
I can't look away, I keep stalking this gallery folder because your TS sketches are just to die for!
LionshadeSC's avatar
jessi and woody's face when they skipped away in the first one jusst made me break in to peals of laughter xD
Kathofel's avatar
I love your Toy Story sketches, they are adorable.. :) Especially the fan babies!! :D
Ignaciothefox2011's avatar
LOL "El Vaquero" ROCKS XD this is awesome my friend
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