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Toy Story: Glow in the Dark


I love Buzz's Glow in the Dark Feature. I'm sure Jessie does too. Especially when dealing with her fear of the dark and storage issues.

He's her personal Knight in Glowing Plastic Armor <3

...or (k)night light 8D

Takes place sometime after Toy Story 2.

Originally I was going to put in a whole Monologue for Jessie about her insecurities. But I felt that the imagery was strong enough to convey all of that, and any dialogue would have cheapened it.

Sketched and finished in Photoshop CS4
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Awww so heart warming
Anawinkaro's avatar
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Shippers loveee this one!
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Don't make me cry dang it!!!!
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very well drawn.
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Awww! >w<

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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I love this mini comic.
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Aww, I knew those two would hook up
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they are cute together^^
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ship it,great!
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Aww! This is so cute! :love:
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Okay, this one got me squealing! So cute!
As the saying go's,  "A single Great picture can say a thousand words!" And I have to say, My Lady you have done a GREAT job with this story Art. Thank You for your time and talent on this.
This Furry Creature
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Favorited it for the pun-well done sir
And the adorable storyline-this is perfect!
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This is positively adorable.
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