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SessKag - Role Reversal


I once got a prompt request for role reversal SessKag. So here’s warlord princess Kagome and time-traveling high school student Sesshomaru.

I haven’t really figured out the logistics of this AU… Sess probably comes from a modern world where demons live peacefully with humans. (He probably still doesn’t think much of humans). I’m thinking he gets sucked into the well when his half brother drags him along to visit his girlfriend’s shrine–whose ancestor, Kagome was believed to have contributed largely to their peaceful alliance today.

I always thought Kagome was probably born into a Noble family, but after her brother was born she was going to be sent off to be a shrine maiden due to her spiritual gifts. But some youkai war that threatened her lands and people made her take up the mantle of general instead (how scandalous). 

Beyond that I haven’t really thought about how the shikon jewel is involved… if Kagome possibly knew the Inu family back then in someway etc. I dunno somebody more clever write this. 

In any case I just wanted to draw Kagome in armor. 

(originally posted on tumblr)

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this is so cool and amazing
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The drama potential from this... Sesshomaru would be a talented swordsman but never truly tested his skills in real life and has the mentality of a peaceful era where all races have coexisted for a long time in harmony. Also, the love! Kagome is human, no way can she live so long unless she gets sealed or visits the underwater palace from that story where the man was gone only hours but it was years. 

An apathetic high schooler thrown into bloody wars and he finds in the uncomfortable place of mediator. And Kagome is still awesome but now with training and experience under her belt. Meaning she has surpassed Midoriko ages ago. Sesshomaru found his match.. not, she is superior to him in every way. And since she is human and very famous in the future I bet him knowing about her future is gonna be horrible.
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I love your ideas! I really wish role reversals gave Kagome that kind of strength, her position should back it up, but they never do. It doesn't make sense and makes her look stupid. 
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It's always hard to read nicely written fanfiction, especially with the whole world-building and character development, so a role-reversal is very hard when you have to almost write everything from scratch (royal human lifestyle in the past with spiritual powers, how is the world of a coexisting harmony of races in the future? which role Sesshomaru will play considering he can't have the shikon inside his body, would Naraku exist? if not who would be the main antagonist that would be a threat big enough for all races to unite in a bid for survival?).

Thanks for liking my ideas! I always get many but can't work up the motivation to write more than a few pages of scenes that pop up now and then.

One random idea that just came to me right now: Sesshomaru knows of Kagome as the legendary miko who was in love with his father hundreds of years ago, who also led the youkai from his side to turn the tide of battle enough to win. After falling in love with Kagome and being a young high schooler with the emotional reading ability of a brick he is convinced he should not change a thing even as Kagome is trying to woo the oblivious young dog but he. is. not. taking. a. hint. His young father is googling at his future son's thick headedness and having the time of his life watching all this drama unfold. So is his mother.
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Yes, I completely understand what you mean. I'm not a very good writer, but I usually have tons of ideas that I wish others had so it could come to life in some form. I love any idea that makes Kagome strong, trained, or just useful. I don't think she gets enough credit, even in most fanfics.

I like that idea to! It seems cool yet very cute!
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The sad fate of every fan, many ideas but not enough motivation to create them haha

Well, you have to sort through a Lot to find good stories but there are a few. One of my favorites where Kagome gets the respect she deserves and a characterization that does her justice is Second Alliance (…). It's a long fic and it's on a website dedicated exclusively to the Sesshomaru/Kagome pairing if you haven't heard of it. It's a recommendation if you want to read it. :)
111wolfgirl's avatar

I know, I've just read so many that it's hard to remember the few good ones. Yes, I've heard of the site. I've been on it a few times, but not often. Thank you! I love long stories as well, so I thank you for the recommendation. I'll read it once I'm finished with my current one!
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Always happy to talk with a fellow fan! :D
This does look pretty good.

Though I'd love to see modern or role reversed versions of most of the main characters as well.
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She was bored, one more meeting with her family, neighboring kingsmen and their confidants.  Her family was the ruling spiritual leaders, well not rulers but definitely teachers.  Everyone came to her parents for advice, for learning or the training of their children who were gifted like herself and siblings.  If things had not changed they would be probably planning her wedding now, so there was some advantage to this war she thought humorlessly.  "We did not start this and our people are hated and hunted as a result.  This is both insulting and untrue".  Kagome looked up in this large conference room where so many parties were seated this was the only youkai representative, this woman was a Daiyoukia her power radiated off her like a breeze soft, warm most thought she was weak but the truth was she kept a tight control on it.  Kagome knew this she doubted few others in the room could sense this the way she could.  "Lady Gosuka"  her father addressed her.   "Please understand that all of our peoples area warring with another.  Men, youkia, hanyou, daiyoukia its all the same.  People are dying and while the youkia are being blamed do not think for one moment that I think this your fault." Lady Gosuka was stunning as were most  daiyoukia her navy blue hair tied into a elaborate bun with small decorations, her deep red kimono and light blue skin made her stand out.  So when she showed anger it was disturbing to see her face marred by it.   "Your NOT DYING, you didn't just bury a beloved nephew or watch as children and families were driven from their homes by those who call you MONSTER..  Your considered holy and you humans are not far from that because YOU ARE HUMAN" …  she lowered her voice "we are being slaughtered. I am simply here to deliver the message that we will no longer restrain ourselves".  Kagome's father stood and with a calm strong voice answered.  "Your not the only ones being killed, human and hanyou are stating the same. we as leaders have to get all sides to stop and listen to one another. We were a strong people before we can be so again."..  Lady Gosuka raised her tea cup to her lips but didn't drink, she stared into the cup not raising her eyes looking very tired.  "words mean nothing, what death do you know of. You all seem fine to me."..   Kagome's father motioned to a young man who stepped forward.  A farmer by the looks of him, he gave testimony of a youkia who had killed most of his village.  He motioned again and a older hanyou stepped forward with a story about a youkia killing all of his village.  He turned to Lady Gosuka "we have all lost. does this not seem odd that we have stories so similar to yours in style of attack and brutality. I have also noticed that all of the communities were either farms or provided some sort of support to the kingdom and village they were a part of"..   "Kill the support structure, weaken the armies." someone hissed. Yes kagome's father answered.  "I asked you all here because you trust me but more so because we have similar stories and need to compare notes... We have been fighting, killing each other.. But we are not now nor have we been enemies. I believe we have a enemy that is yet to be seen and are being orchestrated somehow to weaken our nation as a whole."..  Eyes and hushed voices darted about the truth was there in his words.  They had two fronts to stop the killing among themselves and figure out who the real enemy was...  Kagome wasn't bored anymore... (that's off the top of my head :-)  
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Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on DA for a long while. This is awesome! And an interesting start!
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thanks... i have way too many ideas.. my head is never not crowded or silent
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I would heckin' watch this so much!! It's such an amazing idea!
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I love this idea soooooooo much~~~~~~~~  I think this idea would be a badass chapter for Raindrops!~~~~
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that would make no sense it's a completely different story and universe.
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I concede though that I briefly thought of an actual comic for it. But it probably won't happen the scale is too big for me >.<
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I see, that's understandable
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Pardon to butting in, but I was reading the comments. I would love to see it in Raindrops but maybe as a weird dream moment that Kagome has. Though a full comic would be awesome.
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Huh?  Were you talking to me?
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Kagome looks like a badass. This is so dope.
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