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Sailor Twilight Sparkle



The Last one of my Sailor Ponies! FINALLY!

Sailor Twilight Sparkle!

Using her “Twilight Galaxy Magic Enlightenment” (or some other ridiculously magical girl name that Sailor Moon uses for her attack). Her wand is a also a subtle nod to my second favorite magical girl of all time: Card Captor Sakura <3

I changed her design a bit from my original conception. Gave her a crown, gave her wing shoulders, and slightly wing-like bows to match her Princess design.

Will be available as a poster at Fanime/Anime Expo. You can also find it (and some of my other posters) in my Storenvy HERE.

Based off of my old MLP senshi crossover here: MLP Sailor Senshi by YoukaiYume

Here the others if you haven't seen them:

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And Flash Sentry as her Tuxedo Mask❤