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Sailor Rarity



Loook I'm not dead! Just still extremely busy. But I'm making an effort, really!

Sailor Rarity! Doing an attack! Like… Diamond Dance…or something.

Based off of the Sailor Rarity design I did way back when:

I've gotten numerous requests to do a full body serious version of the MLP Sailor Senshi ever since I drew their chibi versions. So I've decided to do it. :D

Part of a set that I hope finish by Fanime (fat chance). Oh, so come visit me at Fanime if you're going!

Trying a new style for this. Channeling Sailor Venus for this pose. (Love and Beauty Shock!) Though honestly I think there’s some Sailor Neptune in terms of sass thrown in there too. XD

This is also posted on my tumblr! Which I just started so there's really nothing there... I'll try to post some more insignificant sketches there so follow me if you'd like:

Here are the others so far if you're curious:
Sailor Pinkie Pie by YoukaiYume Sailor Apple Jack by YoukaiYume Sailor Rarity by YoukaiYume Sailor Twilight Sparkle by YoukaiYume Sailor Fluttershy by YoukaiYume Sailor Rainbow Dash by YoukaiYume

P.S. Since people have asked me before, YES you can cosplay Sailor Rarity (or any of the other MLP senshi) using my design as long as you give me credit and send me pictures! :)
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