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Sailor Moon Meme



Always wanted to do one of these. Wanna play too? [link]

Sailor Star Fighter needs more love.

So does Usagi/Seiya. Male version OR female version with Usagi is hot. I am not ashamed <3

The last panel is a reference to this Sailor Moon Parody: [link]

I tag :iconmochiroo: and anyone else who wants to get in on this crazy madness.

The last thing I get to submit before I go back to school. My one week break is over *cries*

BTW, if you've never watched up to Sailor Stars because they stopped dubbing it in America, Seiya Kou is a GIRL but disguises herself in boy form when not transformed.

He and Usagi make such a heartbreakingly cute couple. I don't even care if he's a "she" they are THAT cute. Mamoru (Darien) can go be some villain's b*tch again for all I care. (HE'S SO BORING D8 Makes me cry MOAR) That is my opinion and I am not ashamed of this either. lawlz.
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funny thing is Serena’s earth mom was supposed to have pink hair too in the concept art
So I like to pretend she died it and it passed down to Rini through a recessive gene or something. Especially since Serena was also supposed to have pink hair before they changed it.

I still think it’s said she had more romantic scenes with Seiya than she ever had with her own boyfriend so I like this a lot