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This SessKag doujinshi reads left --> right. Please FULL VIEW!

Pate 20 of Chapter 08 of "Raindrops"

This chapter is entitled "Thread"


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Happy New Year! It's the first page of 2018 and we've made it into the 20's. 

To read and get the most recent updates for this doujinshi, please follow this on it's new home on tumblr. 

Pages will still be uploaded to this DA page however it will come much slower. 

I will try to update this comic twice a week.

If you'd like to support what I do please consider buying me a Coffee. It would REALLY help me out in these rough times D:
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Comments (26)
Vanilla-killa's avatar
"We tried that >_>"
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*feels how soft Sesshomaru’s underbelly is*
Hug Heart 
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KawaiiRos3's avatar
KawaiiRos3|Hobbyist Artist
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JezabelleDisreali's avatar
That look of "we tried that..."
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AkatsukinoJiraya's avatar
This is great!
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FlirtieBirdie's avatar
FlirtieBirdie|Student Traditional Artist
Wow I love your improvement!!! ❤️ I’ve personally have started reading your comic back in 2009 and see a huge improvement in the artwork. You are an inspiration for me ☺️
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Bella-Marinelli's avatar
Bella-Marinelli|Student General Artist
Another great page! Yours is one of the few comics that actually sticks with me and leaves me wanting to read more. 
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mariXsesshy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cant wait to see what happens next La la la la

its getting interesting:)
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BugeishaKyasarin's avatar
This chapter is looking great! I feel like you drew Sesshomaru a little more mature-looking than before; at least the jawline appears slightly different to me. It suits him well. Awesome work!
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LunarSkies92's avatar
LunarSkies92| General Artist
skin and muscle hard, organs and other things soft. Kagome, aim for the mouth!
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wajuuuuu new page!!! Happy New Year to you too YoukaiYume, thank you so much for this wonderful story!!
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alanna-sama|Hobbyist General Artist
This is wonderful, and I like Inuyasha's reaction with Sesshomaru being there. I can see him getting all pissy with Sesshomaru and Kagome ending up in a relationship, even one as slowly built as theirs has been.
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vinsulalee|Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha I love everything about this xD
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i just love how Kagome and Sesshy are over there just talking battle talk while Inu's just like "wtf is he doing here?" and getting all distracted xD  and the faces in the second panel...i just love them for some reason xD
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Amonasiel|Hobbyist Writer
Inuyasha and his fameous "keh" !
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moonlight-fox's avatar
moonlight-fox|Student Digital Artist
Kagome's Expression hahahah and her lines of disbelief with Seshoumaru's "You are bleeding" xD
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SargeantSweety|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, he'll be dealing with something even worse soon bahahahhahaaaa
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CelestialJinx's avatar
I had a really terrible for day of the new year. This helps a lot.
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Its quite nice
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CaptainNinjaPants|Student General Artist
Well the insides are. They could just "get eaten" and kill it from the inside before they're digested XD
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AlvaSenecaEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I, somehow, had the scene with Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in my head. xD
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CaptainNinjaPants's avatar
CaptainNinjaPants|Student General Artist
I haven’t seen that one but I had another movie in mind that did that same thing... oh wait Percy Kackson and the Sea of Monsters did.
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