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MLP Sailor Senshi

In the name of Equestria...they will punish you!"

Yes. Yes I did.

My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) x Sailor Moon = YESPLZ

EDIT! Guess what? Added Spike the dragon...I mean kitty 83

I'm pretty sure this has been done before, but I'm doing it anyway. Because it's awesome.


Sailor Nightmare Moon
Sailor Fluttershy
Sailor Rarity
Sailor Pinkie Pie
Sailor Twilight Sparkle
Sailor Applejack
Sailor Rainbow Dash
Sailor Celestia
...and at the very bottom, Spike.

I based each of their costumes according to type of pony. So the Earth Ponies have the Super Fuku, the Unicorn ponies have the Super S fuku, the Pegasus ponies have the Eternal fuku, and the Princesses have the Cosmos fuku.

Why is this show so addicting? OH GAWD. Watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic if you haven't!!!! You shall see what I mean. I was never a fan of MLP when I was a kid, so I didn't think I'd enjoy this new version. But dammit, it's really good. And not as girly as you'd think. It's more reminiscent of Powerpuff girls (not surprising since the creator is Lauren Faust) and Dexter's Lab. And the animation? Drool-worthy.

Here are some full body beauty shots of them:

Sailor Pinkie Pie by YoukaiYume Sailor Apple Jack by YoukaiYume Sailor Rarity by YoukaiYume Sailor Twilight Sparkle by YoukaiYume Sailor Fluttershy by YoukaiYume Sailor Rainbow Dash by YoukaiYume

ABOUT COSPLAYING THEM! Before anyone asks me, yes, I am completely fine with you making these into cosplays, just as long as you don't go running around claiming that the designs belong to you. And I get to see pictures :3
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Better not let Doug Walker see this, or he might think you're into drawing jailbait XD
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So beautiful

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very beautiful

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Wooooo i definitely love thishshsjhsdhh

Keep improving btw! UwU
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Sailor Solar, Sailor Lunar, Sailor Honesty, Sailor Generosity, Sailor Kindness, Sailor Laughter, Sailor Loyalty, and Sailor Magic.
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Can you tell me what you think of my project coming soon? :heart:

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OMG I love sailor moon and I also love MLP
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You say cosplay is fine, but what about reposting your art without credit?
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I don't know either MLP nor SM, but I love you artwork.
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Why did you turn spike into a cat and not a dog?
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Because the main animal characters are cats.
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Amazing and super funny
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I can't believe how well these are crossing ;D
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I love this crossover gud job my friend
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this reminds me of a part where they died
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Love this!!!!! (*^ω^*)
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