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Livestream Sketch Dump 3

Almost forgot about this livestream session. Done a while ago. I think the next livestream I do will be a general chat and doodle ^^

Usually those sessions are done for fun and what I draw are requests from the viewers. Will be moved to scraps later.

From top left to right going down:

1) Wailing Whale
2) Haruka/Michiru (Sailor Moon)
3) Short Buzz is Short (Toy Story)
4) Srs T-Rex means Srs bznz.
5) Willow, Death, and Pikachu (Original OC's and Pokemon)
6) Jareth, the Goblin King (Labyrinth)
7) Goliath and Elisa (Gargoyles)
8) Shirtless!Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender--The ANIMATED series, not the craptastic movie).
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Black-Wren's avatar
I love how you did Goliath and Willow wanting to keep Pikachu... :rofl:
spark-alexis-melone's avatar
I know you probably get like a million requests in a day but.... seriously can you please draw Jareth again someday?
ImmortalBond's avatar
Dear God, I love your gargoyles art. And seeing Jareth in your style made my night.
Arixa15's avatar
JARETH!!!!!! <3
My fave is the "Can I keep it?" "No." I would keep him anywho!
DragonoftheMoon13's avatar
:heart: its official! your one of my favorite artists on DA!
"you remind me of the babe"
'what babe?'
:Babe with the power"
'what power?'
"power of voodoo!"
'who do?'
"You do!"
'do what?'
"Remind me of the babe!"

XD (obsesed)
Be-sensei's avatar
I love the willow one with Pikachu! It's epic!
KonataIzumo's avatar
"You remind of the babe" LOLZ! I was totally singing that song today too! XD I freaking love Labyrinth! <3
Neko-Yami's avatar
JUST because of Jareth^^
lancetheknight's avatar
JARETH!!! My favorite movie of all freaking time :meow: xD
LemonyFreshApples's avatar
craptastic hell yea :w00t!:
YinKeket's avatar
i am so loving all your Livestream sketches. some of them makes me lol and other what to say awwww. others want to me to draw better and improve my skills. keep up your good and do your best. can't wait to see more of your work in everything. take care and be safe.
NavanaThePheonix's avatar
OMGZ I LOVE U!!! #6 is epic!! U should finish!!! PLEASE!!!! :icon0inuloveplz:
AngiTifa's avatar
I loved yout Jareth and the "You Remind me of the babe! :)
TheCriminalMindofAya's avatar
1) I think of DBZ Abridged "We can use whales!" 2) I feel like re-watching Gargoyles 3) David Bowie FTW!! 3) Zuko is ubber sexy and 4) you're an amazing artists :iconiloveitplz:
akitokamaru's avatar
i love your jereth drawing labryinth is my favorite movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WingsALaMode's avatar
WAAAH, JARETH...!! 0':
Secret-Blogger's avatar
"can I keep him"
Pikachu: 0w0

the movie was crap wasn't it?
KShadow992's avatar
GAH!! ZUKO!!! >W<
EmbodimentOfSin20's avatar
Ah! Jareth! I love it! I also liked the "Willow" drawing. Not to nag, but when do you plan on finishing that comic? ;P
Snowstripe-kitty's avatar
OMFG i luv labarinth i hav it on DVD and it rox the songs r awsum XD
inulover1993's avatar
Crystalchik's avatar
6.) *drools* I love that movie and I love David Bowie!!
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