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Le Dragon Noir


A parody of course of the famous "Le Chat Noir" poster by Theophile Steinlen.

Will be available as a poster at Anime Expo! You can also purchase it online in my storenvy HERE.


It was also a featured t-shirt on Teefury! If you missed your chance, you can still purchase it on my redbubble account:…

I’m pretty sure this has been done before… I don’t care I’m doing it anyway cuz TOOTHLESS *dies of cuteness* (watch HTTYD2. DO IT. Do it NOW.) I’m also sorry if I butchered any French (google translate aaaah) or the Viking symbols.

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It's also being sold as a rug on… - your watermark can be seen right on their stock image too. 
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Just wanted to let you know that some T-shirt scam site is selling your art.

Also noticed that the shirt isn't available on Redbubble anymore?
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I'm from France and I loved your idea !
This parody of "Le Chat Noir" is just perfect and I love, i mean I LOVE Toothless xD.

Just recieved the T-Shirt today and everyone loved it =)

Thank you very much ! Even if I'm a bit late lol.
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What a fantastique idea!!
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I bought this shirt on Red Bubble and wore it today to the early screening of HTTYD3! (I am still wearing it right now!)  I got multiple compliments on it and told them how to find it! Hopefully there will be more people heading over to your Red Bubble for their own! 
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I see what you did there. You used the style from the Chat Noir book.
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Toothless!So cute!!!Omg so cute 
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Ahahaha! So adorable!
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This is incredible if there is two things I appreciate it is 19th Century French Advertising posters and the Animated film How to Train your Dragon. This almost makes me think of the works Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. 
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Hi ! I foundt it on Qwertee and I wanted to know if it was okay, or not, because I don't you name...
It's a very beautiful print, I'm fond of *-* I will ask it for my future new appartement !
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My daughter LOVES this t-shirt! Amazingly, her husband got it from your account for her birthday a few months ago. And now I've found you here and your lovely Raindrops.
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That looks beautiful. With what you've painted that? Very good work. Clap 
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My compliments on a most excellent design (I also bought the shirt when it was on Teefury). :)
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My favorite dragon :)
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I have this shirt and I get compliments on it all the time, you did a really great job with the design!
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Oh my gosh I'm so glad you have a store! I was so sad when I'd ask people where they got this and found out I had missed out. So you get a cut if I get something from redbubble? I just want to make sure you get paid for your stuff!
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I saw some one with this print of their shirt the other day, it's awesome.
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This is beautiful and great!! You should put it available on society6! I want a phone case with this in it! and a pillow, and a tote....!
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This was a 24 hour shirt offer off of Tee Fury dot com.  Of course, I snaked it!  ;)
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