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SessKag fanbabies. (Sesshomaru/Kagome) If they ever had kids or pups or whatever. Sketch dump!

Some people asked for a little bit about these characters so here's Kasumi Taisho:

The second child of the three Taisho siblings. Outgoing and hard working, she enjoys being active in school activities, both academic and physical. Sometimes her ambitions get the better of her and tends to bite off more than she can chew. Due to her cute appearance, she is often not taken seriously by others. While she learns to use this fact to her advantage, it still annoys her greatly. Growing up with two brothers has made her a bit of a tomboy, which she sometimes wishes she could grow out of in favor of being more elegant and ladylike (attempts to do so usually end in failure, much to Kei's amusement). Can be stubborn and quick to anger.

Eats mostly anything. Hates overprotective Fathers and/or Brothers. Naturally Daddy's girl. She also has the easiest time hiding her hanyou features. Most days, Kasumi only covers up her markings and leaves her ears as is (her pigtails are her FLOPPY DOG EARS btw). Favorite thing to do is curling up with a good Shonen Manga or ruffling Seishiro's hair. Skilled with a sword and hand-to-hand combat but prefers using a spear.

More fanbabies:

Quick profile on her other siblings:
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