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Kasumi Sketch Dump

SessKag fanbabies. (Sesshomaru/Kagome) If they ever had kids or pups or whatever. Sketch dump!

Some people asked for a little bit about these characters so here's Kasumi Taisho:

The second child of the three Taisho siblings. Outgoing and hard working, she enjoys being active in school activities, both academic and physical. Sometimes her ambitions get the better of her and tends to bite off more than she can chew. Due to her cute appearance, she is often not taken seriously by others. While she learns to use this fact to her advantage, it still annoys her greatly. Growing up with two brothers has made her a bit of a tomboy, which she sometimes wishes she could grow out of in favor of being more elegant and ladylike (attempts to do so usually end in failure, much to Kei's amusement). Can be stubborn and quick to anger.

Eats mostly anything. Hates overprotective Fathers and/or Brothers. Naturally Daddy's girl. She also has the easiest time hiding her hanyou features. Most days, Kasumi only covers up her markings and leaves her ears as is (her pigtails are her FLOPPY DOG EARS btw). Favorite thing to do is curling up with a good Shonen Manga or ruffling Seishiro's hair. Skilled with a sword and hand-to-hand combat but prefers using a spear.

More fanbabies:

Quick profile on her other siblings:
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She reminds me a bit of Luna's human form. I mean that she's pretty by the way. 
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hahahhaah thats so cool and funny
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Older Kasumi looks so much like her parental grandmother, I think it would totally strengthen their bond. I bet her grandmother would spoiler her rotten since she's had enough of men in her family for enough generations. :D
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I so want to see her interactions with Sesshoumaru (since she is the only daughter). Awww
Enzeru-Youkai's avatar
"I told you not to do that Nii-chan!"
"Welcome home, Sei-kun!" *glomp*

I just ADORE that :la: :love:
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Kasumi would be my bff in real life. 
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Can I use one of those Kasumis for my icon? Pretty please? :iconawwwplz:
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Kasumi is the only one who doesn't have to hide her ears. She looks human anyway.
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Bit of a hypocrite. BUT SO ADORABLE.
Kagome70o's avatar
è.è niceeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Love her, except the floppy ear thing you've got going. Simply because it doesn't make sense to me that she would have ears like that as a half demon as well as the fact that by doing this the ears are completely hidden from view,and if you didn't tell me, I honestly wouldn't know they were there. Which is a shame. Don't get me wrong, it's cute. But I don't see a daughter of Kagome and Sesshoumaru have ears like these, I guess.

You've taken all the defining features InuYasha had (pointy ears, silver hair..) and thrown all the attention on the facial markings. Which I don't think should show on anything but a full demon. (Hence the whole appearing when turning full demon on InuYasha)

It propably looked boring to you to have all the kids with the same hair color, but I think that really was a defining feature that daddy passes on to his children.

All in all I think your versions of their children are great! But there are a few holes and they raise a lot of questions.
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Actually if you really thought about it, it makes less sense that Inuyasha has pointy ears to begin with since neither his father nor brother have pointy dog ears in their demon form.

While it's true that Japanese dogs in that region do not have floppy ears it doesn't excuse us from the fact that the creator herself chose to omit this fact altogether to give her characters floppy ears.

And half demons can take any shape, including being grotesque. Their flaw is that they cannot hide these attributes.

What of the majority of fanbabies created for these two who turn out to have full demon features in general, including pointed ears? Would you deny others what they creatively want to portray? (even if they are not to your taste?)

...And these are fanbabies. Which are not canon to begin with. Loosen up a bit. ^.^; Thank you for the thought though.
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this is amazing love it!
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lol so basically she's kinda like kagome in some ways :w00t:
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The funny thing is that you made kasumi and Kei act almost EXACTLY like me.
sexykitty18's avatar
lol do u have any fanfics of them??
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I loved the siblings relationship! x3 KYAH! sdkjfnsdjfnsjdnf -taldea- <3
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i see she gets her looks and personality from Kagome...
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i like her
she beats her older brother up
reads manga
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