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If Only We Were...


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"The Clan will always be there for you...I will always be there for you..."

"I know."

"If only we were..."

"Shhh. We are what we are."

--Gargoyles, Season 2 Episode 44: The Gathering

Goliath and Elisa, the modern day "Beauty and the Beast" from Gargoyles (I'm on a roll!). My oldest and truest OTP.

Arguably my favorite "moment" between these two is the one mentioned above, right when Goliath takes Elisa home after their Avalon Adventures. It defines what I love about their relationship so poignantly. They're both acutely aware of how they both feel about each other, but know that they can't move anything beyond friendship due to obvious complications. (Species, Society, Convention, a future with children, etc.)

I wanted to capture the tension and longing between them; Goliath the more willing to show his affection, and Elisa trying to ignore the obvious.

Stroking hair is the Gargoyle equivalent of Kissing.

Sorry for the rant. I am a fangirl, yes. 8D This was done partly because I wanted to do a picture where they aren't rainbows and open tenderness with each other. That's what I like about them. They're subtle, and it's the subtlety that makes it more meaningful.

If you haven't watched or read Gargoyles, do it. DO IT NOW. (Find the dvd's and comics on Amazon)

p.s. YES these two eventually do get together (watch the show and read the comic continuation for their happy ending ^^)
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