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Goliath+Elisa: Devotion


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Goliath/Elisa from Gargoyles.

...Beauty tamed the Beast?

Goliath's such a romantic, gentle giant, lol. A rather spontaneous piece. I was in a Gargoyles mood again. I don't know why they're in the clock tower. They just are. I always loved the fact that even as intimidating and big he is, he always seems to treat Elisa with such careful tender reverence. And although Elisa's no porcelain doll (she has the kickass to prove it), I'm sure she appreciates it.

WATCH GARGOYLES if you've never done it (First two seasons ONLY. The third season is DEAD to me). Best Disney cartoon ever. Catch the comics too that continue the series (right after Season 2 Finale) if you haven't.

Find the dvd's here: [link]

Find the Comics here: [link]

p.s. yes, they do eventually get together, so all that sexual tension throughout 60+ episodes didn't go to waste 8D
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