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Gargoyles: Gar-girls 2


A continuation to this: [link]

Should also be called "Miss Gargoyle Universe" lol.

SPOILERS! For the Gargoyles continuation comic. This was a monstrous piece. I drew them in pairs according to their ethnicity. Some you may recognize from the show, and others are new characters introduced in the official continuation comic (Volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE ON SALE HERE SO BUY IT NOOOOWWW!!!: [link]):

So yeah, I did not make any of them up.

From left to right:

1) Ophelia - Avalon Clan. Scottish descent. She's Gabriel's mate. For heaven's sake their kids would have over 9000 horns D8
2) Sacrifice - Wyvern Clan. Also Scottish. Showed up briefly in the comic and didn't really have an official name. But she died saving her mate so she deserves a spot. Webbed wings! Like Lexington XD
3) Constance A.K.A. "Coco" - London Clan. Shows up in the comic. She was awesome fun.
4) Una - London Clan. Arguably the most hardass of the group here despite the sparkly pink and feathers.
5) Turquesa - Mayan Clan. She reminds me of Pocahontas 8D
6) Obsidiana - Mayan Clan. She gave me so much trouble.
7) Katana - Ishimura Clan (Feudal Era). Brooklyn's Mate. And this is also her OFFICIAL design. That's right. CANON: [link] I simplified her outfit however, which, to be honest, I hated when I first saw. It doesn't even look practical or WEARABLE. I couldn't figure how it worked or wrapped around her. So I changed it :P
8) Sora - Ishimura Clan. Also Yama's mate. She needs more love too.

F*ck this was a monster. Nearly killed my eyes AND my hand.

Okay, so I promised updates on the condition that I would do well on Midterms (which I didn't)... so much time devoted to trying to fix that instead of posting art (sorry!)
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I really liked the last one she was pretty would like to see more of her. and Brooklyn deserves to have a mate it's sad that he always got his heart broken. and despite Una a pretty alicorn gargoyle she frustrated me. 2,3, and 7 I don't know they are I haven't seen the comic.
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did you do these 

they are amazing 

your very talented 
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I remember this show and those different clans of gargoyles Goliath Eliza and Angela have been meeting on their journey!:D (Big Grin) Only thing is that last one on the end - Sora...she NEVER spoke and I just wish she hadNo, I disagree! 
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Damn, so all the girls. Doing the boys sometime? :)
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Hello :)
I love this picture and I was wondering if I could use as a base the fifth OC. A lot of my OC Gargoyles it seems.

Check out my gallery;)…

Sorry for the English, I'm from Spain and I'm no good.
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So wonderful! Great colouring to! Its jsut why Iove the Gargoyles so much! The smothness of the skinn and how harmonic 
the tails are moving! I am a big fan of lizards and salamanders so thats partly why i like it so much ;P 
Great job! Great show! My favorite cartoon of all time!
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Got the comics continue-ations of Greg's work. I just wish they'd either let him continue hos work, or restart the franchise.

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They all look so amazing! La la la la 
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8D Turquesa, Obsidiana and Sora!!!
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You actually drew Katana's beak right...this pleases me very much =P I see too many people drawing her with Brooklyn's beak, and that's not how it looked in the one photo from the comics that I saw, it looked how it does here. Very flat and almost like a nose, rather than a full beak sort of taking up the whole face like Brooklyn's.

Anyways, this is an awesome picture, you drew them all really well, you even made Ophelia look really cute, she never looked bad on the show, but I didn't think her all that attractive looking but, wow, you made her look really good here. And of course Sacrifice and Sora look adorable, I really want to hug them XD ...though I didn't know that Sora was the Ishimura Gargoyle's name, or that she was Yama's mate, huh...go figure :O_o: You learn something new everyday. I'd have to say that Ophelia, Sacrifice, Katana, and Sora are my favorite ones on this picture :)
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gran trabajo!!
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I'm curious where that "Canon" link goes's broken now. I wasn't aware they ever made a canon design for her...yet the picture also seems familiar...
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These are lovely! :'D
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I think this was worth the hurt in your eyes and hands, it is a wonderful picture!
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there are so beautiful
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I wonder how many other gar-girls there are....
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