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Gargoyles: Gar-girls 2




A continuation to this: [link]

Should also be called "Miss Gargoyle Universe" lol.

SPOILERS! For the Gargoyles continuation comic. This was a monstrous piece. I drew them in pairs according to their ethnicity. Some you may recognize from the show, and others are new characters introduced in the official continuation comic (Volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE ON SALE HERE SO BUY IT NOOOOWWW!!!: [link]):

So yeah, I did not make any of them up.

From left to right:

1) Ophelia - Avalon Clan. Scottish descent. She's Gabriel's mate. For heaven's sake their kids would have over 9000 horns D8
2) Sacrifice - Wyvern Clan. Also Scottish. Showed up briefly in the comic and didn't really have an official name. But she died saving her mate so she deserves a spot. Webbed wings! Like Lexington XD
3) Constance A.K.A. "Coco" - London Clan. Shows up in the comic. She was awesome fun.
4) Una - London Clan. Arguably the most hardass of the group here despite the sparkly pink and feathers.
5) Turquesa - Mayan Clan. She reminds me of Pocahontas 8D
6) Obsidiana - Mayan Clan. She gave me so much trouble.
7) Katana - Ishimura Clan (Feudal Era). Brooklyn's Mate. And this is also her OFFICIAL design. That's right. CANON: [link] I simplified her outfit however, which, to be honest, I hated when I first saw. It doesn't even look practical or WEARABLE. I couldn't figure how it worked or wrapped around her. So I changed it :P
8) Sora - Ishimura Clan. Also Yama's mate. She needs more love too.

F*ck this was a monster. Nearly killed my eyes AND my hand.

Okay, so I promised updates on the condition that I would do well on Midterms (which I didn't)... so much time devoted to trying to fix that instead of posting art (sorry!)
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