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A Toy Story Wedding

...WHY CAN'T I BE NORMAL?! *runs off crying*

Seriously, I shouldn't be let near a writing/drawing utensil.

There is no reason or sense for this. The entire thing is WTF to me, and I was the one who made it.

Actually that's not true. Making fun of Buzz Lightyear is just too easy...and fun.

I fear that this can only get worse from here, and that when the movie comes out it will not sate my sudden Toy Story kick, it will make it explode. Like a nuclear bomb.

Buzz/Jessie from Toy Story. Obviously. *Yes, before people keep asking me, they ARE canon. See Toy Story 2. Woody and Jessie have a brother/sister relationship--not a romantic one. Woody had Bo Peep. Why does EVERYONE keep forgetting about poor Bo Peep?!: [link]
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I dunno why I haven't seen this before but this is adorable
Slinky-Dogg-Gamer's avatar
Buzz had to stand on blocks XD that's great!
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Such a beautiful comic featuring Buzz and Jessie!

SuperJames526's avatar
Please let this be canon in the movies!
smartboy018's avatar
Last panel the blocks spelled Lol and Woody's face though in panel 2 is priceless!
mlpfreak3's avatar
I loved this... So I had to favourite it. :D
jvenegas's avatar
So this is how Toy Story 4 ends. :)
ape-escape5's avatar
"LOL". The blocks.
caz-cina's avatar
I laughed so hard when I saw Buzz standing on the blocks :D

Also they spell out lol! Subtle ;)
midnightrose3000's avatar
Playful Kiss: Faint *faints from a lot of cuteness*
SuperToon357's avatar
Its funny because he's short, and heartwarming because...everything else
MiaErrianIrielynn's avatar
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Awwwwww!!! *sees the LOL blocks at the end* BWA HA HA HA!!!!!! :rofl:
This is perfect!!!
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This makes happy
this is down right precise. I love it
skydow16's avatar
XD the letter blocks say lol
redrose-melody's avatar
I like how the cube write Lol
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