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Youkai World is a group dedicated to Japanese Folklore, specifically the interesting creatures known as Youkai. Tanuki, Kitsune, Bakeneko, Oni, and others.
There is something mysterious and intriguing about the stories of these creatures. Join us to experience the adventure through ancient Japan and express our love for the exiting world that Youkai inhabit.
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Youkai Village Chapter 2: Meeting a Tengu“I know this has to be very difficult for you to take in, but please consider my offer” Tamamo said. This was very hard to take in. I mean I was just exploring a forest, and now I’m in a youkai village that no one has ever known about! And now I’m being told I have to become a youkai or die. “I know this may sound cruel, but I really don’t want to hurt you. You are truly an interesting human” Tamamo said. Those words did provide some comfort. I knew she was being sincere, since she has been nice to me. “Alright, I will consider it,” I said. Tamamo then looked suddenly happy as I said that. I think we both kind of knew that was really just a yes. What choice do I really have? Tamamo started laughing. “Good” she said as she wrapped her arms and tail around me. A few seconds passed by, and I noticed Tamamo was sniffing me. I probably don’t smell that good to Tamamo. She really doesn’t spell that good to me either. Tamamo nevered looked dirty at all, so it has to be some sort of soap or perfume that Tamamo and probably all other fox spirits use that causes that smell. “For a human, you don’t smell that bad,” she said. I didn’t know how to react to that, and my expression on my face reflected that. “Oh come on, that’s a compliment. But why don’t we take a shower” Tamamo said. I nodded my head. I just went along with whatever she wanted. I was afraid that if I got too rebellious with her, she might kill me. However, I think I have some good reasons to doubt that, but I don’t really want to test that. Anyways we walked over to the bathroom. It’s the only other room in the house. “So who is going to go first?” I asked. Tamamo looked at me confused. “We are both going at the same time,” Tamamo said. That got my attention, but even more when Tamamo, with hesitation, just striped down to her naked body. I just stood there not knowing what to do. Then Tamamo came up to me “Here let me help you” she said as she just took all of my clothes off too. I was naked too. Then she turned on the water and we both walked in. I felt embarrassed and I had no idea what to say or do. Then it occurred to me that fox spirits are known to be rather subductive. They take pleasure in it. Tamamo showed these traits as let’s just say things got out of hand fast. I again just went along with it, but it just kept escalating. I couldn’t hold back anymore as I started to cry again. It was extremely embarrassing. Tamamo noticed immediately and she stopped. “Oh my, I'm so sorry. I forgot humans are not that subductive” she said. she turned off the water shortly after, and we both stepped out. “This shouldn’t be something that upset you, this is how fox spirits behave. Besides, it's not like any human going to know about this” Tamamo said. What Tamamo said spooked me. It really sunk in that I'm not going back to my human home ever again. I got really upset by that. “Oh don’t be upset. I was nice to you?” Tamamo said. I tried to feel better about it, but I had a hard time getting it off my mind. “We should start preparing for bed,” Tamamo suggested. The idea sounded good for me. I nodded my head in agreement. “Good,” Tamamo said. I noticed that I smelled exactly like Tamamo. At this point the smell didn’t really bother me at all. We were still naked and it was a little cold in here. “I’ll get you some clothes for sleeping,” Tamamo said. Tamamo then passed me some transparent underwear. Then Tamamo put on a transparent bra and panties. “Alright are you ready to get in bed?” Tamamo asked. I looked at the bed we were sleeping in. “Is this bed designed for one person?” I asked out of confusion. Tamamo then looked at me smiling. “Maybe, but we can both just cuddle,” Tamamo said in an excited voice. I got a little worried by that. However, we both crawled into bed. Tamamo started cuddling with me as expected. She even rapped her tail around me. Her body was so cozy. I was no longer cold. “Good night Zack” she said as she turned out the lights. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. I knew that this was only the beginning and that the next day will be more interesting than today. At least I felt safe around Tamamo. For now, I know that all that matters. The Next DayI woke up naturally, I was wondering if what happened yesterday was a dream. But no, I was still in the house, and Tamamo was still in bed with me. Her eyes began to open. “Good morning,” she said with a joyful smile. I've been thinking about what I wanted to do now that I’m here. This isn’t something I can’t just ignore. I know that I’m going to become a youkai, I figure I will try to get used to things here. Tamamo got out of bed and opened a window. I heard birds crupering outside. “Beautiful it is today” Tamamo said. She put on her normal clothes. At least what is normal for a fox spirit. She was wearing one of those japanese kimonos with loose sleeves. She looked really beautiful in that. “Can I please see the village?” I asked. Tamamo turned to look at me. I could tell the answer pleased her. “I’m afraid not. If I took you out there, the youkai will surely kill you. I would try to protect you. But I’m powerful, you're fragile” Tamamo explained. She just said that so bluntly. I guess it’s not that surprising. “However, there is something that I think will satisfy your curiosity,” Tamamo continued. Tamamo grabbed a remote that was sitting on the shelf next to our bed. She then pointed it at the TV. It turned on as she pressed a button. As the TV turned on, the image of 2 cat spirits talking to each other greeted my eyes. Tamamo just giggled at my curiosity. “When we moved to North America, we adapted many things from your culture. Not only did we adapt your language, but even technology” Tamamo explained. I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. The show appeared to be some talk show. The 2 cat spirits were talking about hobbies they enjoyed. They talked about magic which I guess that is something that any youkai would talk about. It didn’t matter since just merely seeing 2 cat spirits on TV was amazing. “Here let me show you something you will find amazing” Tamamo said as she clearly knew how enthusiastic I was seeing this. She then changed the channel. The new channel demonstrated how to cast certain spells. It showed a tengu putting his 2 hands together and he formed some sort of wind sword as he swung his 2 hands and chopped a log in half with the wind he created. I was taken aback by that. Again Tamamo changed the channel. Now there was an animated show on screen. The animation itself was fairly decent. The plot seemed to be the generic save the world. There were 4 main characters. A fox spirit, a tengu, a tanuki, and surprisingly a human. There was this running joke were the human would be killed over something stupid like an acorn falling on his head. However, he also appeared to be cursed to come back to life no matter what. There was one moment where he fell in lava and had to swim his way back up so he wouldn’t keep dying. I guess this plays into what Tamamo said about humans being fragile, but it was a bit sickening. “Before you ask, no, a resurrection spell does not exist. Even if it did, that spell would be morally questable” Tamamo said. Then Tamamo changed the channel again. On the screen was Tamamo? “Oh this must be one of my interviews from earlier this week” Tamamo said” Tamamo on TV was talking to another fox spirit. “Yes, I am working on a fantastic new spell. I haven’t tested it yet, but I hope I will be able to include it in my next spell chart” Tamamo on TV said as she left the stage. “What spell are you talking about?” I asked. Tamamo giggled a little. “Isn’t it obvious, it's the transformation spell that I plan to use on you” Tamamo said. Tamamo sat next to me in bed. She wrapped her tail around me again. Tamamo then explained a lot to me “Many youkai in the village look up to me due to my amazing skills with magic. All of this fascinates you. Good! I’m glad it does. Most yokai don’t care about humans. However, I find your kind interesting. Even if your kind are very flawed and have short lives. But that’s why I created this transformation spell. I want to see that your kind can transcend to our level of existence. It’s nice to see a human share the same curiosity about us and not be completely scared. I really wish you would become one of us” Then there was a knock at the door. Tamamo was suddenly very nervous. She lifted me by the arm and escorted me to the bathroom. She put me in there and grabbed the door. She then whispered “Wait here and be quiet, I will deal with this” Then she shut the bathroom door. I put my ear up against the door. I heard Tamamo walk over to the door and opened it. “Hello” she said. Then I heard an unknown female voice. “Hi I just came over to see if you wanted to hang out” the unknown voice said. “I’m afraid this isn’t a good time” I heard Tamamo replied. “Oh, ok. Sorry to bother you” the unknown voice said. “It’s ok, thanks for coming by,” Tamamo said. I then heard the door shut. Then I heard Tamano’s footstep approach. Then she opened the bathroom door. “Oh right she's gone” Tamamo said. I walked out of the bathroom. Tamamo rapped her arms around me. “Hey I was thinking about what you asked me last night” I said. Tamamo looked thrilled. “Really you have?” Tamamo said thrilled. She then continued “Alright what do yo” she was then cut off by a loud voice in the background “TAMAMO, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” The voice was furious. Me and Tamamo looked by the window where the voice came from. Right next to the window was a female crow tengu. She had black hair, pointy ears, and black feathered wings on her back. She was wearing the standard tengu clothes I saw in japanese mythology. She even had a tokin on her head. She did not look pleased at all. She was just angrily staring at me. “I knew something was up when I noticed the awful smell of a human when you opened your door” the tengu said. Tamamo sighed in frustration. “It’s fine Shuto. You don’t need to worry about this” Tamamo tried to say calmly, but was clearly somewhat irritated. Shuto then got more angry. “So we are just going to ignore that fact that there’s a human in here. Did you seriously bring a human into this village?” Shuto demanded. “I told you about the spell I’ve been working on. You should know he is a part of this now and he will soon be one of us” Tamamo explained trying to keep calm. Shuto looked amused by that statement. “Really, you know that won’t work on him. Even then he has to accept” she said. She then walked over to me. Tamamo took a defense stance. Tamamo looked like she was about to rip her head off if she had too. She stood right in front of me. By doing so, she showed how tall she was compared to me and Tamamo. My head went up to her neck. She leaned over me. She gave me this sadistic smile. The smell she was giving off was almost overwhelming. I fear she was about ready to kill me. “So do you accept human? Being a youkai is quite different from a human. Are you willing to give up your humanity?” Shuto said in a taunting voice. Tamamo snapped, and she didn’t hold back her anger. She grabbed Shuto and put her against the wall. She yelled very loud at her “HOW DARE YOU! You can just pressure a human into that kind of decision” Shuto gave a small smile as Tamamo berated her. I was sweating a bit. I felt like this was going to be the last seconds of my life. Tamamo kept yelling at Shuto, but I hardly paid attention as my mind was racing with several thoughts. However, I made up my mind by this point. I yelled “Alright I accept. I’m willing to become a youkai” both of them stopped arguing, and looked at me. Tamamo was shocked while Shuto looked like she was going to burst out laughing. “Very well human, I will leave you too. I hope things do work out for you human” she said in a taunting voice. She then crawled out the window. Tamamo watched as she did. Once she was gone, Tamamo then looked at me. “You shouldn’t feel pressured by her. She is actually pretty nice, It's just that she hates humans. Are you sure about this?” Tamamo asked. I thought about it for a second, but I knew I was 100% sure. Again what choice do I have? I answered “Yes I am sure. Admittedly, I know this sounds weird admitting this to you. But, I like you. I do kind of want to be around you. I kind of want to see your world with you” Man, that was very awkward to say that, but Tamamo started blushing as she tried to contain her joy. She laughed again. “I like you too. I’m glad you're a curiosite one. I am glad it was you I found. I can’t wait to show you more of my world” Tamamo said. I couldn’t help but feel happy too. Tamamo then said “Alright, I will make you a youkai by the end of today”Check out Savage Nami ASMR based on this series:
Youkai Village Chapter 1: Meeting a Fox SpiritI was walking deep in a forest. There were no path or trail markers. No one has ever ventured into this forest or at least this deep. This forest is known to be huge, It has been estimated to take 14 hours to walk though it. Yet no one has done anything with this forest. No nature center, no trails, nothing. I just want to get away from people so I figure I venture into this forest. Maybe I might find something fascinating. I couldn’t hear the sounds of people. I was that deep in. I felt a gentle breeze hit my face as leaves and grass shuffled by the wind. It felt very refreshing. I felt great being away from everyone. It’s like my burdens have finally left me. I entered the forest at 6 am and it is now 1 pm. I found some interesting things. I found some fallen trees, some areas with no trees, some lakes, and some rivers. I was starting to get the idea of turning around. But I started noticing some odd things. There were some signs that something had been here. I noticed that some trees were chopped down and that there appeared to be some human shaped footprints. That alone was strange since a human would have to take 7 hours to get here. But some of these footprints appeared to be too big for a human. There even appeared to be some trails here. I also couldn't help but think I was hearing some very faint voices in the distance. There were too many trees near me to see much in front of me. It was so faint and quiet I couldn’t tell if it was real or just my mind imagining things. I was intrigued to investigate to see what I may find. Then I heard something. It sounds like something moving through the air fast behind me. However, before I got a change to turn around, I was suddenly being grabbed. I started to freak out. I was about to scream, but my mouth was covered by a hand. I was greeted with a weird smell. It wasn’t awful, but it definitely got my attention. I tried so hard to break out of the person's arm. However, I was barely able to make a small budge. This was with all my strength. Finally I heard the person speak. It was a female voice, and she was laughing. “Calm down human, calm down. I won’t kill you, but you will be coming with me” she said. I tried to get her to budge with my strength, but I had less luck than before. “You can’t resist humans, I am much stronger than you,” she said. “What does she want me with? And why is she calling me human?” I thought to myself. Then the woman sighed. “You know I don’t think this will work out like this. So I will release you, but don’t attempt to run away. I will catch you very quickly” she said. She then released me. I decided not to run away and I turned to look at her. I was greeted with the sight of a beautiful woman. She had a very thin body with long blonde hair. She also looked to be in her 20s. Her breasts were quite big as well. However, any sense of amazement was replaced with fear when I noticed she had ears and the tail of a fox. I was scared, and she knew it. “That’s right human, I am a fox spirit. Now I won’t scream if I were you. No human would hear you, and you will only attract youkai who would want to kill you” she said with a dreadful smile on her face. Then she changed her tone a little. “However, you will be coming with me. I can’t let you escape and tell other humans about me” she said enthusiastically. I didn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to kill me, but she doesn’t want me to escape. Is she going to keep me forever or does she have something planned for me? I heard about fox spirits from asian mythology, but I never thought they were real. All these things raced through my mind. I was conflicted between rather this is an act of cruelty or kindness considering what I know about fox spirits. However, before I could decide rather I should stay or run, the fox spirit took my hand as she started casually walking. I was forced to walk as she effectively started lightly pulling me. I didn’t try to fight me. I was shaking in fear, and again she noticed. She turned to look at me, and she pulled me closer. “Relax if I wanted to hurt you, I would have done so already. In fact, we haven’t introduced each other. My name is Tamamo Mana. Don’t worry , I am not the so-called wicked Tamamo No Mae that you humans hate if you're wondering. My mother named me after the great fox sorceries due to my amazing skills with magic” Tamamo explained. “So what is your name?” she asked. I was still scared to talk, but I finally said “My name is Zack” as she looked at me. “That’s an interesting human name” she said as she pulled me closer and even leaned against me to my surprise. It’s like now she wants to be very nice. She at least appeared to not have any hostile intentions. I was able to calm down slightly. The trees that were somewhat obstructing me from seeing far were now clearing up. Then I greeted with the sight of a bunch of houses made out of wood. The voices I were hearing were now becoming more clear. I realized that this wasn’t just one lonely fox spirit living out here all by herself. Instead it was some sort of village. I realized that these were the back ends of a house. We were getting closer to one of them. “This is where I live,” she explained. “What is this?” I asked. She looked at me. “This is a youkai village, a place hidden from humans where many youkai live in secret. You are now one of the few humans who know about this secret” she said. We walked towards a backdoor in the backyard of a house. Tamamo reached for the door handle. The door creaked as Tamamo opened it. I was greeted with the same smell that Tamamo had but more noticeable. She walked me into the house. It was very small, about the size of a hotel room. As I stared longer into the room, the more I noticed how surprisingly modern the place was despite being in the middle of nowhere. There were TV’s, bathrooms, computers, fans, and surprisingly video games. However, there were some clear limitations to what I found in the room. One that I noticed was absent was an electric oven. There was technically one, but it was powered by wood and charcoal. Another thing was that the computers and game system was nothing I had seen before. It appeared to be its own thing. “Welcome to your new home,” Tamamo said enthusiastically. I looked at Tamamo, I realized that I might be staying here for a long time. Tamamo just gave me a smile. It's like now she really wants to be nice after forcing me to come here and telling me that I’m stuck here forever. She at least was doing a good job at being nice. But this only made me wonder even more what she really does want to do with me. I started to wander around as Tamamo let go of my hand. I looked at everything in the house in greater detail. I even looked at one of the games for the game system. It revealed that graphics were not as good as a modern game. It was more on par with the Nintendo 64 just with better textures. I looked at Tamamo as she just stood there amused by my curiosity. She had a smile on her face. “If that raises your curiosity, then you will be amazed with the things I will show you,” Tamamo said. Tamamo walked over to an oven. She lifted one of her hands followed by her index finger. Then after a few seconds, a little piece of flame came out of her fingers. I realized she was casting magic. She then pointed her finger into the oven and shot it right out into it. The oven quickly lit up. That was amazing to see. “That was fox spirit magic right there. Although, that’s nothing compared to my overall power” Tamamo said. Tamamo walked over to a table next to a window. She then pulled out a chair. “Why don’t you join me?” she said. I sat down at the table with Tamamo sitting on the other end. She just looked at me, smiling with her mouth open. I took notice of her sharp teeth, as well as her purple eyes. “What do you think of this, so far?” she asked. That was a very tricky question. I’m mean, what was I supposed to answer? I thought about it and said “It’s interesting that this all exists. I never would have believed this ever existed. But I haven’t really seen any other youkai outside of yourself” I knew there had to be some around since I heard noises outside, but I haven’t really seen any other’s myself. However, Tamamo giggled. She reached over to the window curtains and opened them. “There you go,” she said. I gazed out the window as I saw many youkai passing the house. The sight was intimating, but also kind of amazing. As I looked at every youkai that passed the house, Tamamo told me what youkai race they were “That's a kappa, and that’s a tanuki. That female over there is a crow tengu, and he is an oni” I don’t know what will happen to me, but I do know that my life has already changed. There is just no going back after seeing all of this. Tamamo giggled at my curiosity again. I continued to look out the window, just staring at all the youkai. Not long after, I heard the sounds of metal clashing with each other. I looked over as I noticed Tamamo was getting the chicken she was cooking out of the oven. She brought it to the table. She sat down and cut the chicken into pieces. She then passed me a plate of some. “Here you go, enjoy!” she said. I took a bit out of the chicken. It was very good, possibly better than anything I have ever eaten. The food was gone before I knew it. It must have been so good that I ate it very fast. Then Tamamo stood up and walked over to me. She then grabbed me by the arm as she walked me over to her bed. She then layed down and had me do the same. “You know, I never got a chance to meet a human before,” she said. She got closer and huddled with me. Her body was very warm. She also wrapped her tail around me. Her tail gave off a lot of heat. I could survive in the winter with just her tail. It wasn’t screaming hot, but hot enough to make me feel soft. Tamamo then put her arms around me. “You know, we had such a violated history between our kinds, but you and I are just being open with each other” she said. “Violate history?” I asked as I didn’t quite know what she meant. Then Tamamo sighed. “I suppose It’s time I explain what’s going to happen and why,” Tamamo said. I looked at her with a very concerned expression. Tamamo also had a nervous look on her face. “I’m going to tell you something that the majority of humans never knew. We are not that different from each other” she explained. “But I don’t can’t use magic like you,” I said. Then Tamamo couldn’t help but smile a little. “That’s what I was about to get too. You see, you can learn to use magic, It’s just nearly impossible for you to learn it without any assistant. Even then It’s difficult for a human to achieve the same level of magic as youkai. Very few humans become as powerful as youkai. Some of those people who did became youkai simpithers, and with help from youkai, they became youkai themselves” She explained. “Who were those people?” I asked. “Youkai hunters, these are groups of humans who hunted us. They seek us out and kill us. A long time ago, all youkai lived in asia. But hunting became rampant that we decided to start moving to other parts of the world in hopes that they won’t find us here. It worked. They are still around, but they appear to only operate in asia. They probably think we are on the verge of extinction. However, they might be catching on. We had a few isolated incidents of encounters” Tamamo explained. I looked at her and she had this sad expression on her face. “However, in order to keep our existence hidden, we have to kill any humans that come near our village” Tamamo said grimly. My heart jumped and I started shaking hard. Is all of this about to end like this. “But there is an alternative,” Tamamo said. I was able to stop shaking a little when she said that. “You could become a youkai like me,” Tamamo said. My heart felt like it just stopped by that sentence. She wants me to give up my humanity and become a youkai. Is that what she wanted from me? But what choice do I really have? “The thing is that I mention that a few high spiritual power humans became youkai’s. That was done with a transformation spell. But the spell only seems to work on high spiritual humans. When used on humans with little to no spiritual powers. It doesn’t work. It causes extreme pain usually followed by death. It’s known that 40 humans had the spell used on them. 4 of them were humans with high spiritual powers, all 4 of them survived. The remaining 36 were humans with little to spiritual powers. Only 2 of them were transformed. The other 34 died” Tamamo explained. That was grim and frightening. I realized I was going to die. I started shaking and crying. “Don’t cry, there is a bright side to this,” she said. I managed to stop tearing for a few seconds. “I created a new spell, It’s a modification of the old spell. It allows me to successfully transform you and any other human into a youkai. You will not die” Tamamo explained. I was able to stop crying as I hugged her. It for some reason made me feel better. Then Tamamo asked me “So Zack, Do you want to become a youkai?”Thanks to Savage Nami for the ASMR series 1/15/21 Update: Nayru ASMR did her own take on the series
The Treasure Hunters by mmpratt99
Japanese Folklore - Yotsuya Kaidan by Catholic-Ronin
Fan Art
Original Species
She's a Head Turner by Stalcry




Welcome to Youkai World!

Welcome to Youkai-World!

If you are here, and you love the mysterious and exciting, then you are in luck!
This is a group dedicated to Japanese Mythology and all the exciting creatures that come with it. Whether you love Kitsune, Oni, or Yuurei, this is the place for you!

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There is currently no submission limit, though that is subject to change. Anyone can join the group, and all members can post artwork.

To learn more about Youkai and other mythical Japanese beings, visit the Obakemono Project:

List of legendary creatures from Japan:…

Wikipedia Article on Youkai:…
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Rules about submissions:
1. Must be original artwork.
2. If they contain mature or offensive content, they must have a mature content tag.
3. Must have something to do with Japanese Mythology, so try to do your research.
4. CAN be fan art.

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Monsters: Things that are neither human nor animal. They can be humanoid, such as a Tengu or Oni. If it is a species that has mix and matched parts, then it can go here too.

Animals: Anything that is a specific animal or is based off of a specific animal. Bakeneko, Kitsune, Tanuki, Inugami, etc.

Ghosts: This speaks for itself, really. Boo.

People: This is for the humans that are in the legends. They are alive and normal people. Also, characters that are only part "demon" fit in here as well, such as Inuyasha. He is basically human in appearance and actions, so he goes here. Yes fan art is allowed.

Other: Anything that does NOT fit in those categories, but also falls under legend. Please do your research and don't post anything that doesn't fit in. If its an OC, make it believable, please. Human deities and guardians can go here. Animal deities and guardians should go under animals. Possessed objects and plants can go here as well.

Fanart: For if you don't want to stick your fanart in one of the other categories or if you're having trouble placing it.
This is a folder for all original species, ghost, and legends INSPIRED BY but not directly TAKEN FROM legend.  Something you came up with that has a Japanese Mythology flavor!

Also, I feel the need to remind that this is not an all around mythical creatures group.  This is for creatures from and inspired by Japanese Mythology, not Greek or European myth.  Don't upload centaurs, clearly western vampires, or unicorns (Kirin's are fine :heart:)
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