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11:11 unending
fluttering first kiss
always waiting in airports
for home to come home
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 36 23
I am here
all eyes for
inner ears
and sympathetic
for your pain
a shade of ashamed
to be
drinking this you in
while you
are drowning
a place I've been before
the comfort in
shared songs
strangers existing
but I'm still listening
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 35 26
nil desperandum
does it rain where you are?
the sky has teeth
the ground
a jaw
dreams are thieves they
steal my sleep
and awake
they steal my breath
life is
what is
between every
little death
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 51 22
fire in glass
the shell
and the cell
of self
a desiccated monument
to terror made
each portent
(in time all)
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 20 17
Happy Birthday by YouInventedMe Happy Birthday :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 2 0
human time capsule
evidence suggests I
spend my energies on
friends who end up enemies and
more or less the rest of me worn
thin from splitting them from me torn
limb from lingering memories born
blessed unless the less you see seems
better than the best of me and
I forget how to forget myself so
sometimes I'm someone else or
else the effort's unaffected
(I'm in pieces/you're collected)
calmly confessing
conflicted questions
every breath an
unlearned lesson
in all directions)
each truth unearned
despite intentions
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 117 62
completely engaged
a dream, eyes open;
everything again is new.
an echoed, "I do."
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 32 19
apoc in prog
I often wish
for some
sort of apocalypse
so I could just stop with this
constant non-
sense drop
pretense and
get on with it
the hollowed out
where I stay
this shell has been
so long
and I sleep
but I get
no rest
with the weight
of these words
and the world
on my chest
but if it's
so am I
getting started on this
two day
drive so
we can share
the shape of my
is this map
with an X
the place where you are
the space I fill next
or maybe
just depends
on the chances
we take before
our world
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 52 47
more again by YouInventedMe more again :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 41 22
a noise
and they're clamoring for content
but the concepts aren't
the kind (that kind)
of comment
meant to
mine minds
most unwanted
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 28 22
meanwhile, stateside
heat in the darkness
your pulse in your fingertips
thoughts of distant skin
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 29 21
cannibal snowflakes
watching madmen (and)
eating fresh kills
in the dark
picking the carcass apart
my hands
halves of a euphemism
the raw start of symbolism
hearts unharmed
are poems
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 36 32
all in
sometimes you fill my head
so (full) I can
feel you there
the progress of a constant
a dream made tangible
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 43 21
july 14th (1:58 am)
add a hundred miles
for every year
between us
find the day
when I can say
that's your best smile
maybe time's just a compass
(and an arrow's accomplice)
and all it's accomplished
is pointing
the way
for a while
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 37 29
somewhere on bird island by YouInventedMe somewhere on bird island :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 45 17
things that go bump in the night
absence makes the heart a monster.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 110 51


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i want
to eat every word
on the earth,
consume every
devour each verb.
from a torrent
of diction
and claim
o, i fervently
on a dream
of resurgence.
i want
to grow,
to branch out
like yggdrasil,
root myself in thought
and theory
and possibility.
if i conjugate
this, if i split
infinitely, if i
can exist
without drowning,
how can i make
something from
my fragmented
i won't
all the world
will explode
with meaning and lessons
golden; it will press on
through space and time,
churn unknowns
into concerns
then into
the learned.
and i won't
hold it all,
cannot see everything,
cannot compose
myself in the face
of progress.
i will
i will wont
my soul to
sans-serif credos,
will spit up
tragedies in holy gardens,
will scrawl my failures
across the face
of dissembling sands.
i'll watch winds
wash my will away,
god with a wave
of his hand
grinding grit
into the wounds of
my feeble carcass.
when i surrender
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 55 10
Practice 28-01 by Asfodelo Practice 28-01 :iconasfodelo:Asfodelo 93 0 Practice 30-01 by Asfodelo Practice 30-01 :iconasfodelo:Asfodelo 24 4
12. rebel complex
my body
has forgotten how to be
a Body. and i say this
as if i can close my eyes
without tasting the world
through my fingers, as if i
do not take supple steps
on the pale gray carpet
in the still of night while
the world holds its breath. i
have become greedy for
the dark empty shell
of the house. and shearing
sonics from my throat in
the empty garage
instead of the basement
where no one wants
to save them. when we become
flowers i demand
fractals, wrap My arms around My Self
and I will not let go for anything. and so
I exist in My liminal space, truculant and
trembling between sips of sleep. And My
heart flutters when I am still but it is not
a loving thing. It it dressing My Self with
tornado dust strewn on our bedroom floor
and biting at the bit of every blood tie
that tries Me here. because I have spun My Self
to only see the star
in starving
when that hunger is
what hurt Us in
the first place.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 23 15
Inhabitant of the Cosmos by GerardoGomez Inhabitant of the Cosmos :icongerardogomez:GerardoGomez 14 1 Pissing by GerardoGomez Pissing :icongerardogomez:GerardoGomez 12 2


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R.I.P. Stan Lee
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I knew a llama once. At least I thought I knew him. I mean, how well can anyone really know anyone, much less a llama. With their air of mystery and thinly veiled contempt. It’s hard. But I digress.
His name was Kevin. But for reasons I will never understand, he would only ever answer to Albert. Identity issues aside, things started out okay. The usual introductory sniffing and sneezing went well, despite his allergies, but then things started going downhill during the ritual licking phase of the pleasantries. We pushed through. And had it not been for the spitting, we might have even been able to make it work, but alas, after just 3 seconds of bittersweet brotherhood, we finally decided to part ways. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it. Spitting seems like such an innocent thing to fight over, but he was pretty adamant that I should stop and that was just never going to happen. We might have overcome that issue, but Kevin, like all llamas, was very competitive. First came the stench competitions. Then it was belching contests. And lastly, a painstaking count to see which one was hairier. You can clearly see why our relationship was doomed. The poor fellow was a bit of a sore loser.
So he snuck out, taking with him a failed friendship, an obliviously optimistic dread of the future, and my sixth favorite toothbrush. Now that he is gone, I can honestly say, it's for the best. He was too much of a chick magnet anyway and who needs that drama? :shakefist:

Full disclaimer, as Kevin’s official biographer, a position of which he blackmailed me into (don’t ask), I’ve been instructed to inform you about his ongoing series. The journey starts here with The Kevin Chronicles - Chapter 1, and this gallery contains the rest. You should check it out.

*End of cue card*

And don't worry, they're pretty short.
No pressure though, only if you want.

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