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Hello everyone! :wave:
As the title says: Give a comment, get a comment!
Easy rules:

1. Just go into the gallery Folders of the Group:… comment something under one (or more) picture.

2. Add the following under each of your comment:

Commentator from

3. Post the link of your comment(s) on the Profile page of PandiiVan.

I will check the comment and give you for each comment you made, one comment back.
In case you have a specific submission I shall comment on, please share the link on my page either :aww:

:la: !!! NO LiMiTS - NO DEADLiNE !!! :la:
Just keep up commenting to get comments ;P <3

I hope there will be many participants!
Just Keep commenting and try to stay in contact with other members in this Group! (:

have a nice day everyone! :aww: :heart:

A huge THANK YOU to those who alrdy joined this Event and are still commenting:
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Commission: Flying Dragons Bob Ross Painting Style by PandiiVan
Egg Adopt - Hatchling #225 - Furred Dragon Felkin by PandiiVan
Commission: Autumn Romance by PandiiVan
Watercolor Deepsea Dragons: Lobster Shark Dragon by PandiiVan
Fireytika SAI Foliage Tutorial by fireytika
Black Watercolor Dragon - Blood Moon by PandiiVan
Tiger's Eye (+SpeedPaint video) by nubilum93
Skin Tones Palette by jt-designs-123
Deviantart Tips and Coding.
Custom Notification Pop-Up [Code/Tutorial] by Iawrence
Digital Art 1.
Tea Gardner: A Friend You'll Heart by TheNaughtyGoblin
Jennette by jt-designs-123
Lila by Fayewyn
|AT| Resting Queen by GelangweilterToaster
Digital Art 2.
Egg Adopts - Hatchling #207 - Velociraptor by PandiiVan
Reward: Canine Chibi Sticker Kyon. by PandiiVan
Commission: MLP Egg Hatchling #111 by PandiiVan
Commission: Book Cover for Chrissi1997 by PandiiVan
Traditional Art.
Patreon Reward: MLP OC Portrait for LumaTome by PandiiVan
Happy Halloween 2022! by BlueWyst
Dark water by Kehhalar
Helloween Fox by YanaYagori
A Beauty That Can't Be Mine by Leehon
Pleasantly Busy by Leehon
Ensomhet II by AdaEtahCinatas
Living This Life Like It's In The 2000s by Leehon
The RebirthGod could no longer tolerate humanity ruiningThe world that He had destined them to protectHe sent forth his angels, beings resembling beastsOn Earth and abstract concepts that had slept in theHands of mankind since He allowed them to evolve toSuch a privileged stateThese divine creatures were tasked with the duty of settingOrder to the universe that had been plunged into utterRancor and chaosMany would have called it Judgement Day or the Second Coming;A few, Ragnarök or Nature's revengeGod cared naught for the name that the current nor nextGeneration would give it; He wanted to purify theWomb of Creation, organizing the sea of human soulsEarth and the other planets that were inhabited:Merged with Hell, Hades, and Xibalba to punish theOnes who were truly evil; murders, rapists, abusers,And the billionaires who refused to use their wealthAnd power to help those in needPurgatory: where a majority of the human race went toReach their truest selves, delving into the depths of theirOwn kind to slay metaphorical demonsHeaven/Zion: where the most benevolent go to redeemThe reward for having the strongest of hearts or becomeDemi-angels to watch over the Second Generation; theChoice would be completely theirs'Once the material world was void of sinners, the LordEmptied Purgatory and refilled Guf so that He couldWatch man and the their home live in harmony,Much unlike before the cleansingAn almost new speciesA tighter grasp on every heartA future far brighter than the sunThere were still hardships, but they were minisculeAnd easily resolvedThe Rebirth was a success
Lullaby 1 - Dream Stalker's secret Appearances'The Dream Stalker appears out of shades, he comes in twilight, waits in your daydream.' A world, a mountain, at the same time a city. The masonry slowly grew up as a huge plant, crisscrossed with rooms and technology, a city, yes, bizarre and yet the nest of diversity. It was night all the time.Above, one looked into the vastness between many worlds, all colors shimmering from the mysteries out there. An unexplored beauty.There was no more natural light here.But the upper levels of the city-world 'Lullaby' obscured even the view. At the bottom:A young man in elegant robes strode down a dirty, wet street.People lingered at its edges.Haze, mist and spicy smoke were in the air. People were drinking, making conversation in hushed tones, or 'spouting' rumors.Mendacious gossip as passengers of musty ships emerged from the mouths of the heedless, their breath inflating the sails - their journey led in every direction.The young man was lost in daydreaming.He was a 'Dreamer', actually more so …His aura permeated the web of invisible currents. People were watching him. You could have sworn he dissolved for brief moments, only to reappear in the glow of a lantern or neon sign.The sounds of the city seemed distant.Silence fell where he passed. He stood out. His clothes were unusually elegant for this level, he himself was an unfamiliar face, his posture erect.But his look seemed sad, so lonely …Deep inside he was searching for his forgotten secrets, his Love and those who must come in this world at this time.But:In the haze appeared the outline of a big, beefy guy in uniform.He held a baton in his hand and poked with it the people he passed, puffing contemptuously.As he did so, he looked around.People dodged him, some disappeared into surrounding shelters.The uniformed man with mustache and half bald head growled like a man-eating dog.Whispers:'A Guard!' 'There's trouble!'Let's better go!''He's focusing on the fine snoot.''Shut up!''But …'The guard grinned.'Target achieved! I'm behind him.'The baton glinted in the pale light, but also had traces of blood on its surface.'Hey you, watch out!' someone shouted loudly.The pale Dreamer disappeared.'WHERE IS HE?!' roared the Guard.His eyes were like an abyss.'What's the fool doing?'Where did that guy go?''I told you so.''Who has …''Shh!'The grim man stomped toward a slight boy hiding behind a corner.He caught him with a mechanical lasso, to draw him to his feeds.He grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to where many could see him.The little boy shivered.'No, don't, please!''THAT… is a traitor from our beloved 'Lullaby'. He obstructed me in an official act. Now all of you watch carefully what happens to rats like him. And think: he has put you all in danger!'The Guard threw the boy to the ground and lashed out with his baton. As he was about to strike, one hand held the stick.'WHAT?!'That's when the dreamer broke free from the shadows.The lanky boy sprinted as fast as he could into a side alley, on and on.'There you are, 'Dream Stalker'!The Guard regained control of the baton and struck at the young man he had called Dream Stalker.The latter, however, deftly dodged the blow.Both disappeared from sight down here.The Guard found himself in a strange place.There, a beam of light blinded him.The young man jumped down from anywhere above and landed opposite the guard, about ten meters away.The angry guard looked around briefly. Bizarre patterns flickered in the surrounding zone.The strongman threw again his lasso, now for catching the Dreamer with it.He pulled him closer.'Defeated in your own world. Ha! This is the end of you, Dream Stalker!'Wasn't that too easy?Then the 'Dream Stalker' broke free and jumped over the guard, put the rope around his neck, jerked so that the guard hit the ground hard.Then it went completely dark around him.'Defeated in my own world? Well, neither is this my world, nor am I defeated, and … I've only just begun! 'The guard found himself on the street from before, the 'Dream Stalker' briskly striding past him.The people stood rigidly.'Remember: He was going to kill the little one!' whispered the Dreamer.The people awoke from their rigidity. They ran towards the guard, shouting and angrily throwing bottles and stones at him, turning into huge rats, hungry for flesh.The brawny man widened his eyes, threw his lasso at the last moment, and it pulled him up.Finally, calm returned and everyone jolted up from a daydream.All this had been only a moment in the twilight of Lullaby.
Timber Frame Wood Miniature House 3 by RNDmodels
Old Beauty by M-Curiosity
Stone mask embroidery by VishKeks
Sleepy Dragon Pendant #008 - the red one by PandiiVan
Virulent Ecstasy by Leehon
Aficionado's Regret by Leehon
I Envy Your Normality by Leehon
Superfluous Tranquility by Leehon
Memes and Comics.
The life I do not own by Kehhalar
The Peacemaker - Well Armed by DashingTonyDrake
Stocks and Textures.
Fresh Dairy Farm Flyer by n2n44
WIPs and Studies.
[WIP] Ahnko and Bardu by CloudPeaksKate
Violence and Gore.
Let Me See The Darkness That You Fight by AdaEtahCinatas
Mature contents.
At The Count's Hands Cover by sunnyday2000
Open Adoptables, YCH, ...
Pyreshti Adoptable #3 auction OPEN by Grimlai
Marshy Prance Coloured by The-Marshmallow-Fox
The Feedback Folder.
Neytiri by Wolfblade08
Commission Info.


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Welcome !


:bulletpink: Welcome to our Group Page! :bulletpink:

First, Let me tell you why this group was founded.
This group is here to help you grow as an artist and as a deviant. Big artists aren't the only ones who deserve feedback and appreciation - every deviant shuold get what they deserve (: and you - You deserve more !: your art has a unique value, and even if you don't draw but want to learn - this group is for you ! Here, you can get real help for your art technique ! If you got any questions, just ask the members and admins (: Don't be shy - we don't bite ;P Although we're a pretty small group we'll try to give you as much feedback as we can. :dummy:

The most intresting and special Folder for you guys will be
The Feedback Folder:…
Those Deviants who wants more Feedback for their Deviations can submit their Submissions into that Folder. You can be sure that I will commenting on your Deviation you put into this Folder (: But please don't spam the folder too much. We will accept 1 Deviation per week since there are too many submissions (:

This group's goal : Help, Share, improve.

:bulletpink: FAQ :bulletpink:

• Who is this group for?
Everyone, especially you !
it has been originally made for not so famous deviants who are willing to improve their art and achieve their dreams. This group is based on sharing and mutual help : everyone should share techniques and tips (:

• Can I join this group ?
Yes, of course ! As long as you are nice to the others and behave well we're glad to see you around here (:

• I can't submit/join/do something...
Ask admins or note the group, We'll try to figure out a solution !

• Submission rules?
Everything is allowed, but please submit into the right folders (: One Submission per day only, because since I will try to comment on every submitted Deviation in this group and.. yeah.. I cannot comment on 100 deviations every day ;P

If you got any questions or suggestions for this group I will be glad to hear them. Just send a note to the group (: I want us being a good Team - but since a good Team won't raise from alone I will make the first step (: Hopefully there are some interested peops. If not - just enjoy your stay and share your beautiful Deviations <3

Have fun while sharing, drawing and giving feedback! (:
Your Admin, PandiiVan


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