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Happy Birthday xahCHUx (Sarah) by yosuehere Happy Birthday xahCHUx (Sarah) by yosuehere
Happy 19th birthday Sarah

Now this is late by like one day because I didn't want to half ass it too much. Also I dont really celebrate birthdays. But I really wanted to draw this for her nonetheless.

She was one of my biggest inspiration since I was a child (Technically I still am compared to her) Even though at that time I disagreed with all of her couples because I was a colorcoded shipper. However her attitude and personality made me more open minded and also got me into Blossutch. I still remember watching her youtube videos and her early artworks. Like I said before, she is a really nice person and just because you disagree with the couples doesn't mean you cant appreciate the artwork.

Id like to say thank you to her especially, and crap I forgot to draw the flag (oh well), for her service and I cant wait until you come back!!!!

And dont do drugs
xahCHUx Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Undertale BRU - Dawn Ohhh :heart: :heart: Thank you so much, your art looks great! I so appreciate this, I know I haven't been on much since I started working as a soldier, so it means that much more that you'd do this for me. Nick - Icon  Your style is sooo pretty, and of course, I adore your Blossutch art as well.  >w< Thank you for watching for my stuff over these last few years. I won't forget this~~ :aww: Seriously, thank you again!
yosuehere Featured By Owner Edited Jan 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. And thank you very much for not only your art and kindness, but also youre service. � <(its a thumbs up just in case it doesn't show)
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