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Steven Universe Fanart (Steven and Connie)

What is Steven thinking about? :)
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What is going on through his head? The world may never know.

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this is sooooooooooooo CUTE!

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Your very talented!
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This is a masterpiece! 😍
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This is breathtaking
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This is amazing!
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omg..... Judy - (Crying) Icon Mewtow crying plz 
ReFleXsIoN's avatar
This...definitely deserves more stars
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This is stunning! This is one of my favorite drawings of Connie. :) 
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So quiet and beautiful.  I am in awe.  :love:
steven don't hurt yourself!!!!!!
ReFleXsIoN's avatar
Why so glum, Steven?
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This is so beautiful. I love the attention to detail on Connie's skirt and the ocean. Just breathtaking.
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Wow ^^

This looks so pretty 

I wonder what's up with Steven?
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this is legit a beautiful piece of art, period
Absolutely gorgeous!
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i cannot like this enough times

a true masterpiece
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This is the most beautiful thing I have seen today... totally in love with your style.
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I love this Rose Quartz Pixel Gem Amethyst Pixel Gem Gem 
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Steven is thinking about how his mom was a lie.
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This is way before that, from Connie's long hair
PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
Well, it could be with Rose murdering Pink.
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