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Mario 64 Fanart


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I played a lot this game when Nintendo 64 was just being released. It were a great experience collecting all the stars :)

Hope you guys like it!
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The Greatest Mario game ever made

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I like the polygonal look! very cool!

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This is awesome! You are truly talented!

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That Is so cool!! Love the style!

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Nickelodeon (2009, wordmark) Icon ultra

Mario's Castle Calamity

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how did you make the lighting so accurate ? practice ? or did you get help from 3D software ?
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como lo hiciste poligonal me podrias contar por favor
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Amazing I love this
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That Koopa is probably just trying to help his friend get his clothes back from the rude plumber who stole them. 

Shameless. Absolutely shameless. 

The style that you used for this is super cool! I like how you kept the polygonal look whilst modernizing it. 
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Is really good dude! lovely!
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Captures the spirit of the game perfectly. If they made a remake like this or something, it'd be incredible. A masterpiece, man. Good job.
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nice perspective, motion and vibe!!!    Also the blocky style really sets it appart!
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Amei as cores e a iluminação, parece que você tem um mentalray automático na cabeça. Tudo interage com tudo e a composição fica maravilhosa. Melhor fanart de Mario que já vi!
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I played Mario 64 a ton back in the day too, but I enjoyed it in spite of its old school low-poly look. So it's interesting you choose to include it as a valued part of the presentation, whereas I always saw it as a technical limitation in the way of what the creators wanted to make.
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What a beautiful, awesome tribute to an awesome game.  It has 1990s classic vibe all throughout the scene.
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Awesome drawing!
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this is going right I'm my AWSOME STUFF folder!
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Amo esse jogo, que saudades T.T gostava de ir em certas fases só pra ficar brincando com essa shell, e ainda tocava aquele músiquinha, haha.
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Love the art style, it's so cool! Awesome job!! :D
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