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Leona - League of Legends

By yoshiyaki
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Your work is featured in my blog here.
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this is the best Leona piece out on the internet
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That level of detail! Man I love this, look at those textures, the damage on the shield, the depth in the armor, that sword! And obviously... that face! <3 :3

I would love to see a Fiora in this quality, great job!
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This is fantastic! i love your work!
May i make a suggestion, well, more like a petition (?)
Could you draw Diana as her opposite? it would be amazing to see Sun and Moon facing each other!
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Her sxpression is very cat like : D
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The dawn has arrived!
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Bom trabalho.
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Where did you meet she? That is real 100% :D
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os detalhes no escudo dela estão tão bonitos!! <3
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Perfect light!
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This will be my favorite Leona Fan art, and i dont think it will be be easy to defeat.
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Very radiant. Also one of my favorite supports.
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Beautiful. Good job! :')
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I love this creation this had me inspired to do this : viiperart.deviantart.com/art/D… Maybe you like it :)

Amazing job, love your art :) 
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Theme posted boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/… Credited you for the art with a link to your profile and one to the original artwork. Soundcloud post only has one for your profile tho. :D Hope you like it! :)
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Okay. This. Is. Gorgeous! I'm writing  fan-made instrumental theme for Leona. You mind if I use this art for it? All credits for the art will be given to you of course. :D
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wow... this has so much life in it. It looks like a scene from a movie, its even moving ^^
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Gorgeous! Would pick up a print of this in a second if I could!
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very cool job, it's awesome!!!!
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whoah...so pretty!
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nicely detailed :D
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