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Koopa Beach - Mario Kart 64 Fanart

By yoshiyaki
A nostalgic illustration I made in an art collaboration with Renato Giacomini. It was fun to made it. I hope you guys enjoy it!^^
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This pic fuels my love of mario kart further, THANK YOU for a great picture.

hey your art is absolutely stunning do you do commisions

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Fantastic! This is really amazing. You painted this so beautifully! This is probably the best Mario Kart art I've ever seen. You are a master artist and your art is truly inspirational!

Great Work! I’d like to buy a bigger version on a poster for my gamer room . Is it possible ?
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wow some actually normal fanart for once

AzureSkies-Owl's avatar

This must be one of those photos taken moments before a disaster.

Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar

So many good memories flooded my mind as soon as I saw this piece. Simply beautiful. It's also motivating me to make my own Mario Kart fanart and arts-&-crafts projects with my son. Keep up the good work!!

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The Banana in front of DK: I'm about to end this mans whole career..

Bowser: Hold my beer.
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this is amazing

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These are unbelievable.
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MAN! Some days I wish the Pipe Frame still had the duo tailpipe engine. Also Incoming Double MAMMA MIA!!!!
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Colours pop out wonderfully and the rendering is clean and smooth. :) That splash of water is a nice effect too! Background is outstandingly detailed with a lot of elements, like the power-ups and course!

Also Bowser got that blue shell ready. >:D

Ruby2015's avatar

Let’s enjoy the race to the finish

jedzmyzdrowo's avatar

That is really amazing

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Bowser: prepares to throw blue shell

Yoshi: (chuckles) I’m in danger
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Wowwww :OOO 👍🏽

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