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Based on the popular mod for Hearts of Iron II and Darkest Hour: Kaiserreich, focusing on the question: "What if Germany won World War I?"

The First World War, or at the time known as the Great War, was turning not in favor for the Entente. In 1917 Russia pulled out of the war following the abdication of the Tsar and the Russian Civil War, removing a major front for Germany. Because due to the severe backlash issued from the United States from the sinking of the Lusitania, Germany abandons its unrestricted submarine warfare, thus preventing a reason for the United States from intervening. The following 4 years mark the end of the stalemate on the Western Front as fresh soldiers returning from the east reinforce the war-weary soldiers of the west. Eventually with the fall of Paris, any hostility between the other major Entente powers and Germany become no threat to Germany and vice-versa with Britain and other allies. Peace was finally achieved between the Entente and Central Powers with General Ludendorff proposing a ‘Peace with Honor.’ The post-war economy of England was shattered as major labor strikes and unemployment run rampant across the country, with people turning against the government as filled with resentment of a pointless war lost. Inspired by the popular socialist movement in France, the people of Britain follow suit as a brief civil war results in the people overthrowing the monarchy. King George V and the remaining royal family as well as other major loyalists evacuate to Canada and whatever is left of the surviving British Empire. The Union of Britain was proclaimed in 1925, with their charismatic leader John McLean promoting a new stepping stone for socialism where other nations like Russia had failed.
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What is the name of the leader in this country?
And what did he do in our real timeline?