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Year 1 Defense Against the Dark Arts
" Alright, is everyone paired up? " Professor Noir asked in a quiet voice.  The class, by now used to having to listen carefully, nodded in response.  The teacher had put the students into groups as they entered the classroom.  Some looked happier with their partners than others, but Rigel wasn't sure how to feel about his partner.
Colin seemed nice enough most days, but Rigel never really talked to him much.  Looked like they'd be getting to know each other today at least.  He hoped Colin didn't try to play one of his pranks during class.  He doubted the litleo was that dumb(Vadim had alreaddy proven this teacher was serious about detentions.), but the guy did have a reputation for messing with people.
" I'm sure you all remember the rules for spellcasting in the classroom. " The teacher said, pacing at the front of the room.  He gave Vadim a particularly hard look as he passed by before continuing. " Normally you are not to use your magic on other s
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Hey everyone! You can just call me Yoshinx, or Yosh, Shinx, or Spike. Whatever people call me these days. I'm just your average artist and roleplayer here. Anyway, I'm mostly an anthro Pokemon artist which is pretty much 90% of my gallery. Outside of that I absolutely love video games if you couldn't tell!

My Chatroom…

You can follow me @Yoshinx2100 or @YoshinxRambles. @Yoshinx2100 is my personal account where I talk about anything going on in my life and it is my main accunt for chatting with others. @YoshinxRambles is my account is an account where I ramble about characters, RP groups, how I RP, how I create characters, and more.

(Will add some soon)

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SWGM: A Smol Boi by Yoshinx Nolan the Riolu- Male- Modest- 18

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Sterngerg High: Alex Merkel by Yoshinx Alex the Chespin- Male- 15

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I know this isn't likely going to happen, but this is just me jotting down more ideas for groups and trying to see if I can ever gauge enough interest from people in the Pokemon roleplaying community. I've seen some anime crossover groups, such as PDWMA, so I thought, if these can work out just fine, maybe a Pokemon/My Hero Academia group could work also. So here's a rundown of how I think things could possibly go in a group focused on anthro Pokemon characters in the My Hero Academia universe.


Much like the anime, your characters will live in a world where quirks have become a common occurrence in the world. In this alternate reality, your characters are all anthromorphic Pokemon, though instead of having a moveset, they have developed their own quirk, based on Pokemon moves and abilities. Your character has joined the U.A. hero academy, after completing the entry exam. Here at UA’s hero course, they will learn to develop and improve their quirk so one day, they can become a pro hero. At the time though, the League of Villains is looking to take down hero society, so it will also be your job to help fight against these villains.

The group’s plot will be similar to the manga and anime, though there will be some group exclusive events that deviate from the manga and anime. This could be anything from villain plots, school related stuff, or even holidays. Events that come directly from the manga and anime though can be reworked to be more inclusive of members in the group. Events such as the attack on the USJ and the UA Sports Festival are likely to happen, though they will be altered to be much more inclusive of members. At the time of the start of the group, All Might has just become a teacher at UA and Tomura Shigaraki is building up the League of Villains to go through with his goal of killing All Might and tearing down hero society. UA is still regarded as a safe school and the most prestigious at this time also. At the time also, UA’s dorms were built much earlier than they were in the main canon, so you will be starting out in a dorm.

I have thought of a scenario though before the manga and the anime, but that would take much more thought.


Quirks are a big part of My Hero Academia, and coming up with how they’d work in the Pokemon crossover universe is probably the trickiest part of building an anthro Pokemon group centered around My Hero Academia. I have had a few thoughts, and the basic idea goes as such...

A character’s quirk can be developed based on….

  • A Pokemon's moves. Using moves, members can either base it on a single move, or a combination of two moves that their choice of Pokemon can learn. This can come from their learn set, TMS, egg moves, or their tutor moves. An example of this would be Bulk Up. This can work in two ways. Similar to Izuku and All Might’s One For All, it can allow users to increase and stockpile power to use in a single attack. The other option they could use is they can bulk up their own body mass in a way similar to Rikkido Sato or Muscular. Part of me wants to consider including moves that the Pokemon’s evolved form CAN learn, say if an Eevee character wants to have an electric based quirk. Play around with the moves and get creative basically.
  • A Pokemon's ability. Using abilities, members can create a quirk using a Pokemon’s ability. An example of this would be using Sturdy, similar to how Kirishima can harden his body to allow him to take hard hits, much like some Pokemon can avoid OHKO's with this ability. Another example of this would be the ability Static, which could paralyze a foe for a short period of time by touching them.
  • A Pokedex fact. The last way a quirk could possibly be developed is by using certain facts that a Pokedex entry mentions. For example, Typhlosion can’t learn the move Explosion, but its Pokedex entry mentions it can create them. Another example of this is how Vaporeon is mentioned to be able to ‘melt’ in water, allowing it to become invisible when it is underwater.

I have had other thoughts of just letting people go completely nuts with things though, as in, having the ability to build a quirk based off of any kind of move. Mutations are also a common quirk in My Hero Academia, which I think could come in the form of Pokemon fusions, or type changes.


The one thing I’ve been thinking of as well is how classes will be divided up. Aizawa will still be the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A and I wouldn’t think about splitting them up, though with our characters, we will have to build new classes that have Present Mic, Midnight, Ectoplasm, Cementoss, Power Loader, and possibly even All Might as their homeroom teachers.

It is known also that these teachers have their own classes, as such…

All Might- Heroics
Present Mic- English
Midnight- Art
Cementoss- Literature
Ectoplasm- Math

Canon NPC’s

Several NPC’s from My Hero Academia will appear in the group, allowing you to use them in art and interact with them in the group. Characters such as Izuku Midoriya, All Might, Shota Aizawa, Katsuki Bakugo, and Tomura Shigaraki will all be there. Class 1-B though? They won’t be a priority, but if people want characters such as Kendo, Monama, and Tetsutetsu, they can possibly be made into NPC's for the group later in the group. Of course, they will all be a Pokemon. Here is a list of a few Pokemon that characters will be possibly. Of course, they will likely all change based on the preference of other people running the group.

UA Students
Izuku Midoriya- Riolu
Katsuki Bakugo- Quilava or Typhlosion
Ochaco Uraraka- Clefairy
Tenya Iida- Skarmory
Shoto Todoroki- Vulpix or Ninetales?
Eijiro Kirishima- Tyrunt?
Tsuyu Asui- Frogadier
Fumikage Tokoyami- Murkrow
Kyoka Jiro- Noivern
Denki Kaminari- Pikachu
Momo Yaoyourozu- Zorua?

UA Staff
All Might- Blaziken or Darumaka
Shota Aizawa- Zangoose
Principal Nezu- Togedemaru
Midnight- Salazzle
Recovery Girl- Jynx
Present Mic- Exploud or Noivern

Tomura Shigaraki- Wtf would Bad Touch Man be?
Kurogiri- Spiritomb
Dabi- Alolan Marowak
Toga Himiko- Ditto
All For One- Mewtwo

Final Thoughts

Once again, this whole journal was really just to see if I could gauge any interest in the possibility of a group like this ever happening, even if I didn't run it. I know a group based around My Hero Academia could be fun if done right, but its all just a matter of if anyone wants it to happen, and if anyone wants to actually work on it.
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