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 “A friendship turned into a bond..... 

and the bond will never be broken.....

and the love will never get lost” 

-wiz khalifa  
I don’t know how to say this but........ 
watching “the last problem” is now my favorite episode in mlp now 
and one of the best mane six moments    
the part where the book closes literally had me in tears cause i had flashbacks about the  
book opening in the first episode of mlp
and I like the song “the magic of friendship grows” literally the best mlp song ever 
well I going to miss mlp, it was my childhood anyways and my favorite show ever  
they taught me lessons and teach me how to be good and make friends
I’m also going to miss the mane six they were my favorite ponies and the best characters ever made in mlp  

Edit: okay I colored the outlines, I think it looks better 
Edit 2: I might re-make/re-draw this in the future 
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Always remember FiM. A show this amazing and beautiful only comes once in a lifetime. It and all the characters, the lives we had a window into once per week, we will be missed beyond what we can express. Lauren Faust put her heart into this work and in return it captured all of ours. The brony fandom was given life in this way and so we will never forget its message. G4 will always be a part of those it touched. Embrace love and friendship like Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash embody it.
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i feel the same way Yoshiniyuriyaya my little pony friendship is magic G4, i mean we been trough a lot with them since season 1 to season 9 they brought us 222 amazing episodes they were more than just a cartoon show they were like family
Rip mlp G4 10-10-2010 to 10-12-2019 they will always be in our hearts
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2010-2019 MLP g4 RIP