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The Clown's Puppetry

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"Run, run, run child... Catch the memories you wish to remember... But, unfortunately for you, there are many trials ahead and people wishing to halt your progress... INCLUDING ME~"

I don't usually get to post original content here (mostly because I feel like people don't give a shit about it) but I post it anyways because this is something special to me. Of course, Quinn is one of the main characters for my series. But, Diti here is a new face I have yet to reveal until now. Diti is a demon (of course), hailing from the Lust Circle. She runs a circus and uses the souls of completely innocent people as entertainment and staff. She's a wicked and insane woman, giving little to no care for those working for her, even willing to feed them to hellhounds when they lose their use. Diti is a villain who Quinn must get away from after stumbling upon her circus. Despite her insanity, Diti is intelligent and tricks the young Nyakal into working for her, promising memories in return for her services. But the memories were a lie to keep Quinn in her clutches. Thankfully, Narnica was able to rescue Quinn before anything got worse. 
I hope you guys enjoy this little piece~
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