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DK and Diddy

It's been AGES since I've drawn DK................

Since that NinChristmas thing from Christmas 2008. :/

Anyways... I was playing Brawl earlier today (Yes, I STILL play it after so long), and I was playing as DK, and the partner I kept getting in Team Battles was a Diddy player. Ofcourse we kicked a lot of ass together..... it's those times I have fun playing some competitive games, that gets me in the mood to draw things based off the character(s) I used. :m Anyways... it's just DK and Diddy together.... Like back in the ol' Donkey Kong Country days.

I swear they really need to bring back the DK series. This Jungle Beat, and Bongo Blast stuff just ain't cuttin' it w/ me...

They also need to put Donkey Kong 64 on the VC (make it a downladable N64 game in the Wii Shop Channel).... IDK what they're waiting for. :r

Well....... hope y'all like. :b

(Yes, DK is nostril-less as well. :v It'd seem weird to draw them on him, but not Diddy. :n)
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These two look so awesome. ^^
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Diddy looks so cute! Aww 
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DONKEY KONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang:
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You know, the way Diddy is attached to donkey kong's back it reminds me of donkey kong country returns.
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I love donkey kong and diddy. Their prime Primates!
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Awww, adorable! i love how you drew them! specially DK!
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Nice :3
Best dream team evar!
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The second best dynamic duo Nintendo has. :D The first being... well, it's kinda obvious. ^^:
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DK and Diddy are the best(and maybe only) uncle-nephew dou ever.
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They're not uncle-nephew. They're best friends. They're not even related.
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Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are back!
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They look awesome :love:
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I recently heard of a game called "Donkey Kong Country Returns".
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Aw, the DKC series was a huge part of my childhood. :heart:

I like how you drew these guys. They're very cute.
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