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SAI #3 - Tenshi Hinanawi by YoshiKirishima SAI #3 - Tenshi Hinanawi by YoshiKirishima
Made in SAI. Wanted to have it decently polished but not too much. Was a little faster than my 1st real try w/ SAI!
Took 6 hours.

Tried out:
Basic bread n butter eye coloring style
Neon color effects added on top of eyes
Sharp, 2D, comic-y kind of style
Fade shading for the skin on the face
Color blend for the hair, with normal cel shading over it for shadows

Areas I feel I could have done with current skills but got too tired to do:
Add 2nd hand/arm doing a kind of pose, maybe a V sign with her hand held in front, or just even a simple pose with her back arm held behind her horizontally

Making a drawing look sketchy is hard, I can't just have even line thickness all the time or it'll look awkwardly polished, while also not polished due to imperfect lines
Need to practice more with blending tool to get what I want before I try to do styles that need lots of blending
Got lazy and did super basic eyelashes
Hat and props look sorta too fake or cheap still I feel
BG is ok for how little time I spent trying to make one
Overall satisfied, significant improvement from the previous
Could have added a little more lines/details on the hair, especially around the middle and towards the back, is pretty empty
Totally would have added "Tenshi Hinanawi" along the top left and bottom right in bold bubbly and/or sharp font!
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July 15, 2016
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