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Maria Sweater by EvaHeartsArt by YoshiFan797
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Maria Sweater by EvaHeartsArt
I turned on the mature setting for this as a fail safe.

Anyway here is my sinful Catholic girl Maria sporting her sweater with a cross shaped cutout, and rocking some sexy underwear.

Made by the talented :iconevaheartsart:

I love how the sweater came out Eva. You did a great job especially with the difficulty of her cleavage and the cutout. Her expression looks great with that blush and she looks like she wants someone to have some fun.
This is more of a question and answer journal for my OCs. Not a Role Play Journal. 

Up to three questions can be asked at a time to the same or various characters.

Aside from younger Kimmy, Cornella, Daphne. NSFW questions are fully welcomed but will be answered by a note to you. Be as risque as you want. If multiple questions are asked, any non-NSFW questions will be replied under your comment. 

Asking Older Lux, Kimmy, and Janelle can result in different answers from their younger selves. *Remember Older Kimmy can be asked NSFW questions unlike her younger self.

Possible Friendships and Relationships are open. I've been very busy but have slowly started working on more through bios. Some are done but I got a ways to go.

Note: Current Relationships: 

Jessica and Federico are dating. 

Katherine and Stas are dating

Candice and Franklin are dating

Avina and May are dating but are in an open relationship.

Lux is in an open relationship :icona-true-thot:'s OC Melissa. 

Derek is dating Aspen owned by :iconfancy-bright: 

Meatsy is dating Jason owned by :iconcharlotte-forever10: 

Velicity is dating :iconkockiesnkreem:'s OC Janelle…

Characters who have full Bios:

Girls: Jessica, Lux, Janelle, Olga, May, Avina, Haven, Lavender, Regan, Amber, Candice + Redesign, Lara, Kathrine, Meatsy, Rhea, Maria, Daphne, Holly, Belinda, Misaki, Winneva, Zahara, Andrea, Domino, Gillian + Update, Kimmy, Kara, Molly, Lorry, Silvia, Camille, Sara, Jade, Debby, Cornelia, Sydney, Juliet, Holly, Carla, Velicity, Ava, Macey, Adealine, Jocelyne, Mila, Lilli, Katsumi, VAL, Sandy, Renia, Isabella, Olive, Delanie,Polaris and Alkaid. 

Jessica by YoshiFan797  Jessica Redesign by YoshiFan797 Lux by YoshiFan797  Older Lux  by YoshiFan797  Janelle by YoshiFan797   Janelle 18+ by YoshiFan797   Janelle 20s by YoshiFan797    Olga by YoshiFan797  May by YoshiFan797   Avina by YoshiFan797   Haven by YoshiFan797  Lavender by YoshiFan797  Regan by YoshiFan797   Amber by YoshiFan797   Candice by YoshiFan797  Candice Redesign By Funeralcrasher-dcdy38m by YoshiFan797  Lara by YoshiFan797 Kathrine by YoshiFan797  Meatsy by YoshiFan797  Rhea by YoshiFan797   Maria by YoshiFan797   Daphne by YoshiFan797   Holly by YoshiFan797   Belinda by YoshiFan797  Misaki by YoshiFan797    Wineva by YoshiFan797    Zahara by YoshiFan797      Andrea (Andy) by YoshiFan797   Domino by YoshiFan797  Gillian by YoshiFan797  Gillian Update by YoshiFan797  Kimmy by YoshiFan797    Older Kimmy by YoshiFan797    Kara by YoshiFan797  Molly by YoshiFan797  Lorry by YoshiFan797 Silvia by YoshiFan797 Camille by YoshiFan797 Sara by YoshiFan797  Jade by YoshiFan797 Debby by YoshiFan797  Cornelia by YoshiFan797   Sydney by YoshiFan797  Juliet by YoshiFan797  Holly by YoshiFan797  Carla by YoshiFan797 Velicity by YoshiFan797   Ava by YoshiFan797    Macey by YoshiFan797    Adealine by YoshiFan797   Jocelyne by YoshiFan797  Mila2 By Valediayt-daep57l by YoshiFan797  Lilli by YoshiFan797   Katsumi by YoshiFan797   VAL by YoshiFan797  Sandy by YoshiFan797  Renia by YoshiFan797  Isabella by YoshiFan797   Olive  by YoshiFan797   Delanie by YoshiFan797   Polaris by YoshiFan797   Alkaid by YoshiFan797

Guys: Franklin, Federico Derek, Rob, Stas, and Raymond

Franklin by YoshiFan797  Federico by YoshiFan797   Derek by YoshiFan797   Rob by YoshiFan797  Stas by YoshiFan797 Raymond by YoshiFan797

Jessica and Franklin were bought from. :iconmartintdlover: Jessica's redsign was done by :icongaby-sunflower: prior to me buying her but Gaby gave approval to use it now that Jessica is under my ownership. 

Frederico bought from :iconmoonlight-lovely:

Amber, Candice, Silvia, Sydney and Carla bought from: :iconsylph-of-dreams: 

Kimmy bought from :iconmisterdalton:
Mila bought from :iconvalediayt:
VAL Made by: :iconplatonicconspiracy:
Derek adopted from :iconplatonicconspiracy:
Rhea and Maria bought from :iconlets-get-saiko: and redone by :iconmissimpudence: 
Everyone else bought from :iconmissimpudence: 
Older Lux and Kimmy done and Holly, Belinda and Misaki redone by
Velicity, Ava, and Delanie bought from Polaris and Alkaid were made by :iconprince-of-punkrock: Velicity and Ava redone by :icongaby-sunflower:
Holly bought from :iconbscbutterfly:
Belinda bought from :iconartistic-lights:
Misaki bought from :iconalpacamuffin0:
Rob bought from :iconprince-of-melancholy:
Adeline and Jocelyne bought from :icondiamond-avenue:
Andrea (Andy) Bought from: :iconbredmajo: 
Haven bought from. :iconcrystalline-shadow:
Kara adopted from :iconmatd101:
Lilli Zahara ,and Katsumi adopted from :iconsylph-of-dreams: 
Scarlett and Domino adopted from :iconevaheartsyou: 
Wineva redesigned by :iconpetitetarte: and Digitized by :iconsylph-of-dreams: 
Candice's redesign done by :iconfuneralcrasher: 
Sandy bought from :iconjaviersms: 
Renia bought from :iconmartianxdzetd101:
Raymond bought from :iconmatd101: 
Isabella adopted from :iconthedirectionofdrama1:
Olive adopted through Discord. 
Gillian update done by :icondeathkissufu: 
Selected by :iconpetitetarte: 

Here are 8 Facts about Lavender: 
Rsz 3lavender by YoshiFan797

1. Lavender is the older sister of another one of my OCs Haven. The two are close to each and are always there for each other.  

2. Lavender is a more indoor girl than her sister which is the cause of their difference in skin tones. That said Lavender enjoys outdoor activities like camping. 

3. Lavender has not figured out what she wants to do as a lifetime career but she currently is a pole dancer will strip naked at times.  However she does not have sex with clients. Only nude dancing. 

4. Lavender's hair is actually sandy blonde like Sammy or Lux, but keeps regular dye sessions to keep her hair its purple shades.

5. Lavender has never had a boyfriend or a relationship romantically speaking.  She does have a few friends with benefits to fulfill her sexual desires. 

6. Lavender is into some kinky stuff and loves tentacles. If tentacle monsters existed, she would not need a man. Or so she says. She is also really into BDSM and is very submissive. She is almost always down to trying new things in the bedroom. 

7.  Lavender is a practicer of Satanism.

8. Lavender is my most popular OC by my friends and people I communicate with about OCs. 

I don't have 8 tags but here are mine.

:iconevaheartsyou: Dahlia

:icona-true-thot: Melissa

:iconmother-of-trolls: Jynx 

And anyone else who wishes to do it. 


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