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Mario 3: 1-2

This is my first flash movie attempt! I like mario games and stuff ALOT XD. I think I did a pretty good job. People seem to like it ^_^. This is a weird movie about mario luigi and yoshi. Theres a plot in there o_O. Tell me if u like it :D.
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a Newgrounds classic.
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I can't stop watching this!!! It is sooooooooooooo funny!!
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Awesome job with your first flash movie! ^_^
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i love when yoshi crazy on the car
nintendolover2010's avatar
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lol "maariooooo"
J-MaxVG's avatar
Awesome flash ^^
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i remember this,i saw it at newgrounds
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boy-of-the-wolfs's avatar
cool!!!!!!funny and lol
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this is a very sweet movie lol 3-d yoshi rocks :dance:
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Wow! :D Awesome! And funny too :)
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Wow that was amazing!
Especially for a first flash! Loved it!
I love the Mario Bros. Too! :D
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I saw this on Newgrounds! I love it! Where did you get the Mario sounds cause I am going to start making my own sprite flashes.
Agu-Fungus's avatar
That was sooo random!! I luv it!
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OMG DUDE!!!! I watch this all the time over on Newgrounds:D

:rose:Total Fave:rose:
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This was cool and funny! it confused me though.
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Fantastic work for a first attempt in flash :D! I'm really impressed.
Those bounces were really funny XD
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Hahahahahaha great deviation!! :D
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This was great for your first time.
LOL At teh 8-bit :D
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