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This is Enea journal, you can read here her notes, also you can ask her questions or RP with her here :3
So don't be shy and leave some for her :D

OC Info

Tibumeru: Enea Application by Yoruni
Name: Enea
Race: Tibumeru
Family Tree: Twin sister of Devin (Neon-Panties)
Height:  5"0
Age: 16
Faction: Rebels
Info: She loves to play games with people, she is also helpful, friendly and curious [She wants to make everyone happy]. Loves animals and want to have cat. Hates when someone use her tools without asking. Her tail is not listening to her and hits everything around also her bad habit is that when she drinks tea, she bites tea bag. In the future she plan to be a mechanic
for :icontibumeru:*


"We moved out here. My brother and I wanted to see more then small place we were growing up. I like this new place, the ocean is clean, there is no humans around even on that land. At last I haven't meet any Now we are making our... Hmm how to call it? "Home". I am really happy because brother made me small place in so I can work and learn"

Day 01
"First day in here was wonderful, a bit scary too... I am not used to meet so many people in that short time...  One Tibu scared me a bit, his name is Quin, he is strange but I think he is not bad after some conversation. I promised him to see if I can repair his music orb, this small orb is great clockwork! Also I have meet Nice boy... wait... girl turned into boy, but she get back to be girl... Nvm I still don't get it, her name is Neon and I think she is my new best friend in that new place, we had a lot of fun! She loves bubbles... SO I MADE A LOT OF BUBBLES! Oh, and there is Isaac, he is my neighbor, he seems to be nice, clam and culture, I wish I can visit him one day but... He said his roommate is....  some trouble.
Quin - MJDAlleria
Neon - TokiRawr
Isaac - GlassFeline

Day 02
"Today my brother let Neon stay at our place, I am really happy about that, I like her a lot. About music orb... I was studding pictures of construction in old instruction books and I think I know how to fix it [She only thinks she can lol]This evening on the beach when I was taking longer way home I have meet Lyle, adorable boy who collects shells, he is really fun and cute... and... well I like him a lot! Oh and he invited me to join team he is in so we can go and play together on their playground. He is so sweet. Cant wait to go for some advenrures with him!"
Lyle - brepai

Day 05
"I have meet Aimee, Evan and Aloys. New faces, I like to meet new faces, Aimee seems to be nice, she also just moved here. I was a bit surprised when I get to know that Evan is childhood friend of my brother 'cause Devin never told him he got sister and I never seen Evan before too. But well they looks like friends to me. Evan is some kind of bad-boy wanna be, but he can be nice, also he is cute... oh and there was Aloys - he won as asshole - he is stupid but I had fun of him... Maybe i should not 'cause it's not nice but...
Oh I have spoken with Quin and noticed him that I may be able to repair music box"

Aimee -  Diamonari-chan
Aloys - Neon-Panties
Evan - Neon-Panties

Sesheta and Enea by Yoruni
Day 07
"Devin is out for all days... Well today I saw pretty tibu.... but she hissed at me...... well... when I was looking for some part I have meet Linxxx - she was looking for anything shiny, maybe we can join our forces ? And Sesheta - really pretty tibu-girl but she is a bit crying baby... I hope to cheer her up a bit. Oh and there was a guy Lite, he is nice and cool, a bit mysterious...  maybe because he do not speak a lot. He takes care of cats, I love cats, He showed me amazing place, huge tree where cats are staying. Because at this moment I cant take any cat home I hope to be helpful to Lite and give him some hand"
Linxxx - Sleepingpanda195
Sesheta - charpuffy
Lite - GliTchRaBBit

Day 09
"I was collecting shells for Lyle and there was that accident... I wasn't looking and other Tibumeru skilling up his swim speed bumped into me... Wait... Is that she or he?"
Riley - Scriddles

Day 12
"It feels stupid... I was thinking but Quin said I was speaking what I thinking... And I as thinking about my first though about him... a old perv... I feels sorry... I feel stupid... really... But it ended with pillow fight..."[same day later] I think is something wrong with me... I started to look at boys... waaaa so strange feeling.... I think some elders called it growing up... gah, can't think about it any more. Lets forgot... I started to train something new: juggling, one guy called Hollow is teaching me.... I think it may help me keep cold mind"
Hollow - GlassFeline

Enea And Valence by Yoruni
Day 15
"Juggling is hard to practice, so for small break I went for some walk and is how I have met Valence. At start it though we are going to fight but it ended well plus he is not fighting girls... Pfff... like I cannot handle a guy He is cute after all... And still keeps blushing... And that some awkward moment with his hairpins...
Weathery was so perfect and sun so high so I decided to go swim and as always when I do something like searching parts and shells I get into troubles... I got lost. Didin't really look on the way, went to far and noticed that something is wrong to late. It was already night. I can not see in the dark. I was so scared. But I was lucky I have meet Naen who made me  laugh when he sneezed... He got glowing jelly at his head and is really fast. I am glad to meet someone who helped me out in that situation"

Valence - Koukounut
Naen - just-Shane

Day 17
"Today I have come home with small furr ball, a kitten I have adopted from Lite place! He is so sweet. Neon likes him and most important my brother let me keep him! we named him Trev. I am so happy about it 'cause I always wished to have a cat!"
Tibumaru: Trev - Pet Application by Yoruni

Day 19

I saw place where I wish to go, but I am afraid to go alone. It's a cave. Some rumours says it was once on dry land... but sea took it. maybe there is some treasure hidden inside? But when I wanted to go in... I stared into that darkness and got scared.... I can't see anything in darkness like this. I need a company for explore it."

Day 20
"I went to place where humans throw their metal parts. I don't understand them, throwing away so pretty metal parts! In this place I have met other Tibu: Monster. Seems as a nice person and what is most important... glows in the dark! We talked for a bit and then I proposed small expedition together to that cave I mentioned before. Lets see if we can go there"
Monster - BlvckCvndy

Day 25
"I have to say good bye to this place for some time. Can't say yet why but I gonna miss everyone" 

One year after....

Day 01
"I am so glad I came back here. I missed this place a lot! So many changes. I am wandering if people has changed too? Will I meet old friends? I hope so. Maybe I will make new friends. anyway... I was really missing this place. My old place looks a bit ruined... I think I need some help with refreshing it. My brother didn't come back with me... Sadly. But Trev - my cat did. He is no longer small kitten but still acts like that. I think I have to find him some cat-friends too. oh, it's so nice day. I am full of hope for tomorrow."

People she has meet
(can't say where and why she was one year away 'cause I need to make a story what she was doing when I was gone on DA QAQ)
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Asdfg I just saw this now
Gosh that's adorable
Lyle likes you lots too Enea U':
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I need to write some more in it ^^
I just have no motivation last days, but I am happy you like it and also that some people actually do read it ^^
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Ahh I can't wait, it's really adorable!
Aww you'll find it eventually! I only /just/ saw it today, so hah my fault for not reading it sooner ;w;
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Thank you !!
when I'll have more inspiration and finished rp (going on atm) ima update it! <3
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Ahh sweet, can't wait to see ;w; <3 
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Pleasure to meet you. ^^
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Shawn: Well your a... Cute fish girl thingy... ^^;
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Hey I just met you! And this is crazy!
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there's my profile, so note me maybe! :D
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And all the other charas,try to chase me!
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but here's my note, so msg me maybe! :D
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Najs. ^_^
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Hallo Enea!
Pleasure to meet you~!
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Hello There~
Nice to meet You too *waves*
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