New Year's Resolution....Already?

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Hey to anyone who still reads this,

I know I haven't been active with my drawing work at all lately. 2010 was simply a year of hell for me personally, and 2011 has been treating me a lot better, but also kind of provided me with so much stuff to do that didn't have anything to do with drawing.

So, let's remedy this! I want to think of some kind of new year's resolution that I can start doing in 2012 to get back into drawing. For starters, I want a Wacom Inkling, but there's a wait list for it, but I love drawing on paper for the time being. I'd love to do some project of my own, but it is hard to come up with one... So maybe fan-art is the way to go? Perhaps someone has any ideas or suggestions on what to do? And should I post daily, or weekly? I don't know...

Let's try hard and think of an awesome resolution! Greetz,

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Hmm..interesting invention, that Inkling...tho I think it's more suitable for images than animation.
My only critical point is that you are obligated to use their pen and replacement parts, which are usually costly. I prefer the freedom to use any kind of tool (including paint for example) I want, so there is room for improvements. =)

Yeah, it's a good New Year's Intention to do more drawings! I know it may be hard to start up a personal project or create something from scratch, but even harder to keep on continuing...

Maybe trying fanart for games for the change?
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Yup, already on it :). I've been in a VERY Zelda-y mood lately (Playing through Skyward Sword as we speak), so I have already done three pieces of fanart for my absolute favorite game: The Wind Waker (and yes, Skyward Sword has yet to surpass it).

I'm very interested in the Inkling because I always have trouble with tablets getting the exact lines I want, which I hope to be able to remedy with the inkling. Also, I hate the scanning/cleaning line-art process.

So yep, as soon as it's in stock again, methinks I'm gonna try it. And the fan-art idea is a good one, writing it down!
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So when you upload as well? With Inkling if you've got it already, am curious how good it works. =)
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Still haven't gotten inkling, I should get a mail when it's back in stock.... Which should have been by now. Might check the website again later today. As for my new year's resolution, I've been wanting to work on it, but I am also moving out of my parents house, so that takes up the bulk of time. Still, the work is almost done . You're welcome to come visit when it's done, too! Heck, I might even throw a housewarming party
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Yeah, those memes are both a good way of excercising my overall skills. I will definitely have a go at them, they'll be a nice challenge :).

Still, I'm also looking for something to occupy me the whole year, like a weekly comic or something. Still thinking about that.
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Getting back to drawing can be difficult, especially when you have nothing to draw. I've been there, without inspiration and drawing just for the sake for drawing.

Perhaps a few elementary exercises will jolt your imagination. Here's two things that you may find interesting;

The 25 expressions meme.

The guess-my-favorite-characters meme.

Also, I'm personally not too keen about the Wacom Inkling; it seems like a cumbersome and unreliable technology to me. The canvas (read: paper) needs to be in a steady and specific position to the sensor, and there's no way to know how the sensor will pick up the subtleties of your lines. On the other hand, the price tag of the Inkling is only a fraction of that of any of the Cintiq models.

Anyways, good luck getting back into the groove (of drawing).
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