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Power Rangers vs. Super Sentai

Shiba Takeru vs. Jayden

For more Power Rangers vs. Super Sentai and Kamen Rider vs. Super Sentai wallpapers: [link]
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just imagin shinkenger and pr samurai clashing together and the shinkengers would speak in english and for them teaming up, i mean Takeru and Jayden becoming friends would be cool
Nitroguy7's avatar
I kinda like both 
RandomPancake1108's avatar
Even though PRS was disappointing, I never really liked Takeru.  He was always such a self-righteous douchebag.
mephiles74's avatar
Shiken Red! Shiba, Takeru!
yuriachanartist's avatar
Actually is Matsuzaka Tori! I love him!
zillas01's avatar
tori matsuzaka > alex hartman
Vinny1138's avatar
Takeru All The Way!

Jayden should not have even had Shiba as his last name. He is an utter disgrace!

I just hate white washing. They seriously should have casted an Asian if they were going to keep the name Shiba.
SSj2Kilik's avatar
Jayden is the american Shiba, so half american half japanese
Vinny1138's avatar
More like half White, and the other half White. Jayden's about as half Japanese as Tom Cruise in the last Samurai.
LilacWoods's avatar
Again, good job on the blending. Takeru is awesome.:-)
G-Seed2010's avatar
Takeru: ...who the hell are you?
Jayden: I'm Jayden, and I have became a Red Power Ranger! isn't that cool?
Takeru: Probably not..."grabs Jayden's sleeve while Jayden is panicking" YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MY CHARACTER!!!"throws Jayden down"

plus, Is that Takeru smiling? NO! NO! DOES NOT COMPUTE! (Just kidding)
DX5536's avatar
Best story ever!
YorkeMaster's avatar
haha best true story ever!
KRSS19711976's avatar
i met red ranger in person while he was acting and power rangers acted in new zealand and i live in new zealand in aut (auckland university of technology) building but i reaaallllly want to meet shiba takeru
YorkeMaster's avatar
wow you live in New Zealand? So there is a possibility that you have seen the set?
KRSS19711976's avatar
i added you as my friend and were r u from
YorkeMaster's avatar
I was born in South Africa but I live in America now
KRSS19711976's avatar
my teacher is South African and i want to go to japan i am actually Chinese Indonesian but i was born in NZ and did you watch the rugby world cup last year if it did show in Amarica
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