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Still life with a blue ball and flowers

This is one of a few images in my gallery that was actually thought out with some meaning in mind.
A few years ago we had an exhibition of local artists on my kibbutz, based on a historic book with chants from the early days of the Kibbutz (dating back to the 40's, I think).

Loosly translated the verse goes:
We shall dance inspite of everything
Make our heart forget the daily toil
Even so we will dance and sing
Who will grant us a happy festival?

Sound bad (the original rhymes...), but the setup in these old days was lots pf hard work with not much to show for it.

So I tried to show a combination of work, happiness, togetherness - all in the frame of a simple cummunal society...

There were a few versions: The original, the one presented in the exhibition was Out of The Garden. I wasn't happy with the light and played with it adding and eliminating things as I always do, ending with this one, and with Possible Solutions.

The names came much later and have nothing to do with the original meaning...
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Wow. It almost looks like it spells something out; like my mind keeps wanting to try and read it.
Amazing how simple objects you use could invoke such a reaction. Nice work! :-)