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Windows 10 Style Tab for Rainmeter

By yorgash
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A side tab for Rainmeter in the same style that Windows 10 side tab comes.

It takes colors from your currently applied wallpaper (the same way Windows 10 does). If you have slideshow for wallpaper, it'll refresh just right for each wallpaper.

Read the description for help!
Some updates will be coming soon for this, with a config utility and (probably) 4 more tabs.


Switch between 4 tabs:

- A launcher for programs (alternatively for folders or links)

- System monitor (more stats will be added in update(s))

- To do list (editable on clicking)

- RSS feed



The theme - to be actually useful as a launcher- will pop up if you drag the mouse to the right side, and right click on the 2 pixel wide border that comes up when you're at the edge of the screen. You can pop it up when while full-screen applications are open (browser, etc), but not in exclusive full-screen mode.

The side tab goes back to hiding if you drag it off the screen.

You can lock the theme by clicking on the Lock button, so it doesn't automatically hide. In this case, it'll be on desktop level, so it will hide when full screen window covers it.

Sadly as Blur only works in Windows 7, you won't see the blur effect in Windows 10, but Windows 7 users will still be able to see it.


Right click on the icon to browse for an icon for your application (png files also work).
Right click on the name of the app to rename it.
Right click on the program's path browse for the application.
Left click on icon / app's name to launch it.
Middle click in the app's path to manually type it, so that you can use it to launch folders for example.

To do list:

Left click to "check" item, right click to mark as "important", middle click clears the icon.
Text area:
Left click to add a new note. Clear it by double-right-clicking on the icon (so that the gray "click to add new note" appears), or just delete the text and enter to make it blank.

RSS feed:

Click on the title to paste you feed URL.


With any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback, or help contact me:

• Mail:
• Steam: yorgash
• Skype:
• Or leave a note here


You can support me on Patreon:
If you like my work and want to see more, or support the making you can donate via PayPal at
© 2016 - 2021 yorgash
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Hello, great theme.

I tried using it but it keeps unloading everytime I move my mouse over it.

I can't seem to find a reason. Can you help?

The skin unloads itself every time it hides. Am I doing something wrong or is the skin faulty? Also, when I move mouse on the edge of the screen that 2 px wide element starts flickering wildly. Sometimes I have to click a few times until the window opens.

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Fabulous Skin

Thanks Creator

i had some difficulty being able to right click on the side tab, setting "W=5" fixed this

These are beautiful. Great work.

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Thanks, nice style

Hello, the bar is very useful. Thanks for the excellent work. I have two problems:

1- missing the colors you see in the picture;

2- I have 4 hdd and I tried to add the necessary command lines to the "SideTabs.ini" file, but always see 2 HDDs.

This is great looking forward to customizing it
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How did you change the system icons in the taskbar like that?
i cant download the link, says its corrupt
After seeing your work.. It inspired me to do this on my sidebar now it looks great and almost finish
Hello. Amazing theme. Tho have I a problem with the colors. They are not displaying, only white/grey. I am on win10. I have seen your last message was in 2017. I really hope you're doing okay. And I hope you would come back to help a brother out!
I've downloaded this skin, given it a test, and it's  great. It's well made and blends with Win10 flawlessly.

The major drawback is the ability to add beyond the preexisting 12 slots for each tab. You can edit what's there easily. But inserting more is a real chore -- possible, but a chore. For example, I'm attempting to use this launcher as a replacement for Rocketdock (which has a bad memory leak when used with virtual desktops), and I need slots about 80 slots for applications. I realize that may not reflect the needs of most users, but 12 is very, very low -- especially for those who game, do significant amounts or a variety of productivity, work from home, etc.

Yorgash, please consider inserting a more user-friendly "add" functionality to the dock. Maybe something like a small "+" near the top of each tab. Then the user could define how many "slots" to add, the tool adds them, and then it's up to the user to configure each one (similar to how it works for the preexisting slots). I'm not too familiar with the constraints in Rainmeter's functionality, but this feature would be incredibly helpful to users.

As a side note, if you're considering expanding the feature set further, a way to nest/group applications into categories would be useful, a way to add separators more easily, or a way to add more launcher tabs. All would help create more organization for those using more than the default 12 programs.

Regardless, thanks for sharing your skin with the community :)
wallpaper ´please
Here are all the wallpapers:




This is a very nice skin you have there. A question. How would I change the ToDo tab, for example, to show a list of files or documents to open instead? If you were able to show an example of how this could be done, that would be very awesome :D Is this a "feature" or "option" that other people would be interested in?

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First of all: thanks!
I think if you open up the launcher tab you can get a hint, it basically does the same. 

If you get stuck, will probably help! If I recall correctly, you can configure the launcher to open either folders, files or websites.
Hey! You can actually enable blur on Win10 by using theAzack9's FrostedGlass plugin, but this will only work on Win10, so it would be super awesome if you could create a second version of this with the FrostedGlass plugin :)
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Hey! Thank you for the heads-up, I might try to get back into at least making the Rainmeter themes again. 
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