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SAO: Gun Gale Online visual style for Windows 7

By yorgash
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Consider donating at Patreon! - My first patron can decide on a Rainmeter skin or Windows 7 theme for me to make next! (W8 / 8.1 / 10 ports are currently not guaranteed)


A dark, simple and easy to use Windows 7 theme based on Sword Art Online's GUI.
Inspired by the GUI seen in GGO. Planning to release a matching Rainmeter skin suite in the future.


The theme has been ported to Windows 8 / 8.1 by cu88.

If you can, download it through his deviation page here. It might take you through a couple of ad sites, but that is to support him. 

If you are however vary of ad sites, download it from my st.ash.


How to install:
Here is a full guide and help that I uploaded to reddit.

Basically, you will have to:

- Install the fonts inside "Fonts" folder
- Download and install UxStyle (uxstyle.com) OR Universal Theme Patcher.
- Copy the contents of Themes folder to \Windows\resources\themes folder.
- Apply it in personalization or double clicking .theme file you like.

Or you can install it with Windows 7+ Theme Installer
Direct download

For the rest you can use Customizer God
Direct download

Or follow this guide if you're stuck:
How to Install Custom Themes - A guide by neiio

You can get the icons I used for the taskbar separately from here.
Those icons were originally made for the light SAO theme.


In the package you will find:

- The visual style

- Navigation icons - explorerframe.dll

- Clock - timedate.cpl

- Shell style - shell32.dll

- Start orb

- A simple icon set and Iconpackage that I used for the explorer windows

- Temporary wallpaper (that you can change the same way you normally would)


With any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback, or help contact me:

- Mail: yorgash@mailbox.hu 

- Steam: yorgash

- Skype: yorgash

- Or leave a note here, on DA


If you like my work and want to see more and support the making you can donate via PayPal at yorgash@mailbox.hu, or by supporting my crowdfunding campaign

You can also purchase the Premium Content on the site as a form of donation.



Inspiration taken from darkblacksword's work.
Used many of Iconmonstr icons as a base for the icons.
© 2015 - 2020 yorgash
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JonathanAxell's avatar

how do i change the icon the the sao one, because my icon is still the same windows 7 basic

DanielInfinitiun's avatar

hello good topic, but I have a problem installing it does not work for me services ... not open...

AngelAlado's avatar
Pretty good theme, good job.
NewYears78's avatar
Anyone use CustomizerGod..Chrome always blocks it as malicious.
sai-tsugumine's avatar
sai-tsugumineHobbyist General Artist
God I'd kill to have this in windows 10. Regardless, nice work bro! Rare to see quality themes like this. They're always too over the top or too minimal for my tastes. This offers a nice balance with a clean cut look and a great feel to it. 
XadarxBlack's avatar
Can some one recommend some wallpapers with this theme??? 
robonxt's avatar
robonxtStudent General Artist
ShounenSky's avatar
ShounenSkyStudent Filmographer
still, i don't get the way to change all the icon :(
gamermanj4's avatar
I'm really confused whats the purchase thing do i need that to make it work or it is just like an easy thing that you get for supporting you?
yorgash's avatar
yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
Purchasing is totally optional, and a way to donate; the free download contains everything as well.
ingmferrer's avatar
I've installed uxstyle and copied the themes in the resource themes directory but this is how I see it: www.dropbox.com/s/u7zeo5qpcbuo…
what I need to do?
yorgash's avatar
yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
The uxtheme.dll patch failed for some reason.

Download Universal Theme Patcher, restore the system files it can restore, then either reinstall UxStyle or patch it with Universal Theme Patcher instead before re-applying the theme.
batman718's avatar
does this install like the sao one or do i have to do everything individually?
yorgash's avatar
yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
Sadly you'll have to do it manually for now.
batman718's avatar
ok. i will wait until its able to be done the same way as the sao. which i love by the way. wish the icons changed automatically too, but the rest is great. sorry if i am more on the wanting it all done in one shot side of things. keep up the good work though. 
MacGyver7's avatar
How can I change only the explorer.exe? ( I mean the black colour, navigation buttons etc.)
Is it the shell 32 file?
imisterk's avatar
how to install the system icons? :/
tuanden0's avatar
Hi sir but your zip file was corrupted, plz reupload. Thanks
yorgash's avatar
yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
It's not corrupted, only zipped with 7zip; unless you have 7zip or the newest version of WinRAR installed, you won't be able to extract it.
tuanden0's avatar
Ya, It's OK. Thank you. I love u so much
P/s: i'm not gay.
ceinchase's avatar
Purchased <3 Thank You!
PursDios's avatar
PursDiosHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there a lock screen for this theme?
yourdesktopangels's avatar
awesome dark theme! good job!
Maverun's avatar
Hi, thank you for your work! However, i need help :(
I download files which was zip, so i extract them, and i got error, and i check folder in, there was files mission, only folder, DLL and others are missing 
as you can see here, all files are missing, i download your steam as well while ago (upgrade) i can see them fine, only is this one, i download files once more, still
What should i do?
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