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AMD Windows Desktop for Windows 7

An AMD themed visual style and theme pack for Windows 7.

Windows 8 port by 
AMD for Windows 8 / 8.1

It is an easy-to use, problem free, simple theme that still has an AMD touch to it.

On the preview, you can see the large taskbar, and the small, minimal taskbar, using TBar Icon Blanker, the 2 styles of start menus, and many other misc details. Still planning to add more substyles to the theme later, but I might have difficulties due to the new job I have is pretty time consuming.

Trying to get it ported to Windows 8 / 8.1 as soon as I can...


In the package you will find:
  • The visual style, 2 styles - light or dark
  • Installation guide
  • Navigation icons - explorerframe.dll
  • Clock - timedate.cpl
  • Shell style - shell32.dll
  • Start orbs for all taskbar versions
  • Custom icon pack and template
  • Wallpaper
How to Install Custom Themes - A guide by neiio.


With any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback, or help contact me:

- Mail: 
- Steam: yorgash
- Skype: yorgash

Or leave a note here.


Icons are based on Token by brsev
Wallpaper is a recolored version of one I found online, couldn't find the source on the original in such a short notice.


AMD and the AMD Logo are intellectual properties of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


If you like my work and want to see more, or support the making you can 
donate via PayPal at 
You can also purchase the Premium Content on the site as a form of donation. 
© 2014 - 2021 yorgash
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Yo great theme, one request, though. Can you repackage it to work with themeresourcechanger?  I'm not as familiar with Windows 7 themes as I was with Windows 10 so I don't know how to make ut work with that.

ThemeResourceChanger is basically a tool for windows 7 that automatically applies the reources upon loading the theme so you don't have to manually change everything.


I managed to figure out how to get it to work with ThemResourceChanger.
 hi guys. Could you help me please??? How to download this theme???
RivenRoth740's avatar
great theme. i like the style.. simple but wonderful. look at that progressbar!
yorgash's avatar
RivenRoth740's avatar
😊 😆 you're welcome
GamerEnthusiast's avatar
WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE A WINDOWS 10 VERSION !! Success fella (Reactions) 
yorgash's avatar
I actually have something in mind for that, it might get a W10 version in the foreseeable future :)
not working for me :( pls.. Help !! I already tried installing uxstyle and replacing those .dll files but when i tried to install the theme, nothing happened.... why?? pls.. help
can i ask you how to change the drive icon and other.. not the shortcut.. sory for my bad english thanks
liamdools's avatar
hamedsp got banned, can someone reup the 8.1 theme?
yorgash's avatar
Oh I never realized he got banned, and while I've saved and reuploaded most of the ports he did (his links gone through like 5 paywalls, and that is with adblock on), I somehow left AMD theme's port out. Sorry, I'll try to see if I can find anyone who has that (or who'll port it).
liamdools's avatar
oh, that's fine
hybrld's avatar
Gah, makes me wish i hadn't upgraded to windows 10 lol. Can you port this to a win 10 theme? I know its a bit different but I bet you could do it.
Hi yorgash. Iconpackager pack for this theme please?
I've tried taking ownership of my system 32 and sysWOW64 multiple times, but I keep getting an error saying I dont have permission to edit the folders. Do you know what could fix this?
how to install icon pack? 
DS-Productions's avatar
For some reason everything worked except the start buttons. When I add them (after having to convert them to .bmp) they are invisible or the start orb does not change, I've tried multiple ways to convert them from PNG to BMP but non are solving the issue. Do you know what could be causing this?
yorgash's avatar
If you're on Windows 7, you can use this changer:!Windows_7_Start_Orb_Changer.exe

With that, you can use the png file without the need to convert it.

And to be 100% sure, open the advanced options, and check "replace by editing resources" instead of "replace by patching memory"
DS-Productions's avatar
Where are the Advance Options?
yorgash's avatar
A little arrow in the bottom right corner. 
DS-Productions's avatar
It messed up my computer. I don't know what happened but my taskbar disappeared I couldn't use anything so I rebooted the computer and when I logged in it was a white screen and nothing else now I can't use my computer. No matter,I was planning on rebuilding it here this weekend anyways.
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That is weird, I've used that Start Orb Changer on more than 20 different systems this far, and none broke this far. Especially the white screen part sounds something that I simply can't imagine explorer.exe invoking.

My only guess would be anti-virus catching the file after being modified (if you have anti virus turned on, it has a decent chance of removing modified system files without warning). 

Can't you boot into safe mode either? If you could access command prompt from there, you could run "sfc /scannow" to restore the system files.
DS-Productions's avatar
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